Did Trudeau give Biden the blueprint for destroying liberty in America?

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Did Justin Trudeau give Joe Biden the blueprint for destroying liberty in America?

When Canadian Prime Minister Dictator Justin Trudeau squashed liberty in Canada by seizing the bank accounts of truckers and their supporters protesting COVID tyranny, it’s quite possible that he gave Joe Biden the blueprint for destroying liberty in America.

Under the “Emergencies Act,” Trudeau used “temporary measures” to freeze truckers’ personal and corporate bank accounts. Additionally, he essentially deputized every bank, credit union, investment broker, and insurance provider in the country to determine if they had a blockader as a client and if so, to immediately freeze their accounts.

Confiscating bank accounts. Targeting and removing children and pets. Doxxing financial donors. Stealing crowdfunding sources of support. These are just a few of the ways Trudeau used his “temporary” emergency power, and his police state tactics were so successful that Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland informed Canadian citizens that the federal government would be making many of the “temporary measures” permanent.

U.S. officials — including Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg — provided their Canadian counterparts with suggestions on how to use federal powers to bring an end to the blockades, and that prompts the question: Did Trudeau’s success give Joe Biden a blueprint for destroying liberty in America?

When you add Joe Biden’s past as Barack Obama’s right-hand man to his current position that opposing government tyranny makes you a domestic terrorist, it’s quite possible that we could see Canada’s police-state tactics repeated in America — especially the government seizure of bank accounts.

In 2013, Joe Biden’s boss, Barack Obama, launched Operation Choke Point (OCP), an initiative that used banks and financial institutions to track down companies suspected of illegal activities without the Fourth Amendment’s protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

Like just about everything else done under the Obama/Biden administration, Operation Choke Point violated our constitutional rights, which is why it was created as a back-door method of dismantling the Second Amendment by using banks to shut down “risky” gun dealers by denying them bank services.

By the way, Biden has used the “risky” gun dealer argument — he calls them “merchants of death” who sell “illegal guns” — to justify banning handguns, building a national gun registry, and pushing to add gun control to the Violence Against Women Act.

In 2015, the FDIC released a memo telling banks to essentially ignore Operation Choke Point, but that didn’t “officially” happen until 2017 under the Trump administration. However, like many of the actions taken by Donald Trump, cancelling OCP was more for show. Banks were still using OCP to target firearms dealers as recently as 2018 when Trump and the Republican Party had full control of Washington.

Based on lessons learned from Barack Obama’s Operation Choke Point, Joe Biden launched plans to use financial institutions to destroy liberty in America even before Justin Trudeau provided the blueprint.

A few weeks after his loss in 2020, Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate proposed expanding the federal government’s ability to spy on the bank accounts of every American.

Though nothing concrete happened with the Republican proposal at the time, a similar idea was proposed by Joe Biden in May 2021 involving the IRS. In September 2021, he provided details of the plan I refer to as a Patriot Act for the IRS — a plan that gives government the ability to track every aspect of our financial lives.

Biden’s plan provides the money and manpower for the IRS to spy on the finances of any person for any reason at any time. These surveilled people are suspected of no crime nor are they given any opportunity to opt out of this data collection. Still, Biden’s plan requires the government to preemptively tag and track their financial transactions as if they had done something wrong.

Despite the rhetoric we’re hearing from the Far-Left about how Joe Biden’s financial surveillance plan is designed to ensure that only “the rich” who aren’t paying their “fair share” in taxes are be targeted, the truth of the matter is that every taxpayer regardless of income level will be subject to the IRS’s power to spy on our bank accounts.

If Biden is successful in implementing Trudeau’s blueprint for destroying liberty in America by giving the IRS and other agencies the power to spy on our finances — and he quite likely will be — everything will be in place for government to begin seizing the bank accounts of protesters opposed to tyranny — just as we witnessed in Canada.

In the same way Justin Trudeau is doing in Canada, Joe Biden is using “domestic terrorism” rhetoric to deny people their right to protest the government while building his own police state.

From our computers and cell phones to our bank accounts, nothing has been off limits when it comes to Washington’s unquenchable thirst for more power over our daily lives — a situation made even by worse by COVID tyranny. The liberty-killing laws and policies created post-9/11 continue to create new ways to for government to expand its control over our lives and advance its tyrannical agenda.

And thanks to the blueprint provided by Trudeau, Biden may soon begin seizing bank accounts as another way of destroying liberty in America.


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