CRT and LGBT ‘woke’ politics: The far-left plan destroying the military

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CRT and LGBT ‘woke’ politics: The far-left plan destroying the U.S. military

The U.S. military is experiencing a steep decline in recruitment, and while the far-left has suggested that things like the “end” of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are responsible, the simple truth is Joe Biden, the Pentagon, and the rest of the federal government have adopted the “woke” politics of CRT (Critical Race Theory) and LGBT responsible for destroying public education, the military, and pretty much all of American culture.

The agenda is clear for all to see (via

The Army reports a loss of over 15,000 new troops so far in 2022, while the US Marine Corp, Navy and Air Force are entering the next fiscal year with far less locked in recruits than normal.

Questions are rising about the reasons behind the steep decline in recruitment, with many suggesting that the “end” of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have reduced interest in service.

The real reasons are rather plain to see, however, as the Pentagon and the US government shifts their political rhetoric to the extreme left.

For decades, the military has been comprised of 70% conservative/independent troops with views ranging from middle-of-the-road and libertarian to religious Republican. The vast majority of soldiers are not progressive and do not vote Democrat. That said, from 2021 onward there has been a change in the way recruits relate politically to the armed forces, perhaps because there has been a change in the way the military advertises.

The US Army in particular is famous now for one of the worst recruitment campaigns in military history; going full woke last year with a series of cartoon ads that promoted woke politics and targeted the tiny LGBT segment of the population.

This led to widespread distrust among conservatives of the military overall and of the Army in particular. Another issue which caused conservatives to walk away was open admissions by US generals about their goal of implementing Critical Race Theory and woke ideology in the armed forces. The Navy is training its leadership to use identity “pronouns.” West Point Military Academy is also now implementing woke concepts into its training curriculum.

In addition to CRT and LGBT “woke” politics, COVID tyranny has played a role in the U.S. Military’s decline, thanks in large part to forced COVID vaccines.

For example, the U.S. Army has been handing out punishments to unvaccinated soldiers, including prohibiting off-base travel, halting promotions, and enforcing involuntary terminations from the service, which active-duty service members claim is a strategy to pressure them to abandon their deeply held religious beliefs (via FOX News):

An Army spokesperson confirmed to Fox News Digital that unvaccinated soldiers, including those without an approved religious accommodation exemption, are “subject to certain adverse administrative actions.”

“Soldiers who refuse the order to be vaccinated without an approved or pending exemption request are subject to certain adverse administrative actions, including flags, bars to continued service, and official reprimands (GOMORS),” said the spokesperson. (Emphasis mine)

It’s beyond dispute that a “woke” military, where the LGBT and CRT agenda have replaced military readiness, is a top priority for Joe Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

For example, Austin released a memorandum just weeks after Biden’s inauguration that required the Department of Defense to “lead by example” in combating the criminalization by foreign governments of LGBTQI+ status, and to expand its engagement with foreign governments to combat discrimination against such people. The memorandum further required DoD to expand its efforts with foreign governments to promote the human rights of LGBTQI+ people and to consider the impact on programs funded by DoD in that regard when making funding decisions.

In May 2021, CRT “woke” politics were responsible for the dismissal of Space Force commanding officer Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier when he wrote a book rejecting or criticizing Marxism and Critical Race Theory. According to the description found on the book, Lohmeier explores the “impact of a neo-Marxist agenda” and the manner in which the “Black Lives Matter movement, anti-racism, postmodernism, [and] political correctness” affect the national security of the United States.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Air Force gave us a snapshot of LGBT “woke” politics when it began offering transgender troops and their families medical and legal help, along with transfers, to military families personally impacted by “a wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation across the country.”

CRT and LGBT “woke” politics are destroying the military under Joe Biden, but it was his former boss, Barack Obama, who got the ball rolling.

Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense, “Republican” Chuck Hagel, was responsible for lifting the ban on transgender individuals serving in the military, a goal that was realized when his replacement, Ashton B. Carter, lifted it in July 2015:

“We have transgender soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines — real, patriotic Americans — who I know are being hurt by an outdated, confusing, inconsistent approach that’s contrary to our value of service and individual merit.

“The Defense Department’s current regulations regarding transgender service members are outdated and are causing uncertainty that distracts commanders from our core missions.” (Emphasis mine)

In 2017, Colonel Kristen Goodwin was selected for the job of commandant of the U.S. Air Force Academy as the first openly homosexual individual to receive the honor. It was Obama — once crowned “America’s First Gay President” — who nominated Goodwin for a promotion to the rank of brigadier general; an appointment considered the culmination of his pro-LGBT transformation of the military.

Goodwin also furthered Obama’s war on religious liberty whenever it got in the way of the pro-LGBT agenda — a war that was already underway in the Air Force before her arrival on the scene. For example, a few weeks prior to Goodwin’s promotion, Air Force Colonel Michael Madrid, a Christian with 26 years of impeccable service at the time, was openly punished for his belief that marriage is between one man and one woman.

And here’s a little tidbit for all the “this wouldn’t happen under President Trump” crowd: now-Brigadier General Kristin Goodwin was relieved of duty as “Commander of Cadets” at the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2019 for several unethical and illegal charges — she claimed, of course, to be the victim of homophobic “bigotry, bias and discrimination” — but had her career saved when she received a new gig as chief of staff of the United States Space Force’s Space Operations Command under Donald Trump.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it’s clear that U.S. military leadership is more concerned about finding ways to advance CRT and LGBT “woke” politics than they are about building a military capable of defending us against all enemies, even if it means destroying the military in the process.

Priorities, right?


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