Conservative Comedy Friday – 8/24/18

Following this week’s events resulting from the Mueller “Witch Hunt,” I figured we all could use another round of satire and sarcasm to lighten the load heading into the weekend.

With that in mind, I’m once again taking a break from the daily routine to spend some time laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Welcome to Conservative Comedy Friday!

As was the case last week, I’m happy to bring you two recent videos from one of my favorites for political song parodies, Remy at Reason TV.

Democrats (and some Republicans) have been spreading the gospel of socialism as the answer to America’s economic problems. But did you know that socialism can also solve America’s obesity problem?

You’ve heard of the South Beach Diet, the Atkins Diet, and others. Now get ready for the Venezuela Diet!

While Donald Trump’s “Fake News” attacks are getting tired, not to mention a threat to the First Amendment, it’s still true that the media is prone to creating outrage where there is none as a way to get viewers. This sad reality has Remy OUTRAGED over outrageous outrage.

Have you ever heard of the Capitol Steps? They provide musical satire and parody every Friday & Saturday at the Reagan Building in Washington, DC. These guys “put the MOCK in Democracy” regardless of political party.

In this parody, Donald Trump’s lawyers still haven’t figured out how to manage their client or how much he should cooperate with the Witch Hunt. But The Donald’s got a plan!

White House press briefings have become a joke, but not the kind that make you laugh. Fortunately, Bad Lip Reading has provided us with a recent briefing as seen from inside the head of Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Have a great weekend!


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