Conservative Comedy Friday – 3/1/19

Welcome to this edition of Conservative Comedy Friday where we’ve been wondering … if Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight and Reform Committee can’t be believed because he’s a convicted liar, why is the Trump cult spreading the idea that he told the truth when he testified that there isn’t any Russian Collusion?

While you’re mulling over that incredibly deep question, let’s take a few minutes to laugh at the absurdity of socialism.

The socialist agenda of the Far-Left has been gaining some traction now that the 2020 presidential election season is well under way. Nearly every Democrat nominee has made Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal a part of their platform, a policy guaranteed to bring an end to every injustice mankind has ever experienced under evil capitalism.

“Social, economic, racial, regional, and gender-based justice(s)” will be a thing of the past in their new Marxist utopia. In addition, they promise that replacing the free market with a state-run economy will give us an improved way of life in many other ways. Reason TV’s Remy is doing everything he can to believe in their new ideology, but the math just doesn’t add up.

Now, to be fair to the Marxists pushing this crapola, socialism has had some unintended success. For example, despite the recent headlines in the news, socialism is working in Venezuela… for weight loss. As we see in this classic infomercial parody by Remy, 75% of Venezuelans have lost an average of 19 pounds using an ancient method developed by the former Soviet Union.

The good news is that under the socialist agenda of the Far-Left and “conservative socialists” in the Republican party — yep, it’s a thing — Americans will soon be able to lose those stubborn pounds. Who needs human rights and a free press when you can get back to your old college weight?

One of the lies spread by pro-Marxist Democrats is the one about how being paid a “living wage” is a “human right.” This is one of the reasons why Democratic Socialists are always fighting for a higher minimum wage. For example, losing candidate for New York City Public Advocate, Nomiki Konst, ran on a promise to raise the minimum wage in NYC to $30 an hour on “big companies” and “the city itself.”

Unfortunately, the next generation of voters love socialism and the idea of forcing companies to pay their employees more money, but they fail to comprehend the repercussions of such laws. In this rant by my friend Alfonzo Rachel, we learn how increases in the minimum wage actually result in making less money, not more.

By the way, Zo is an awesome musical talent and actor. He is the leader of the band 20lb Sledge and he played the role of Detective Stark in the movie Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer. Learn more about his work at

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