California’s children: Casualties of Rainbow Jihad and LGBT terrorists

Regular readers and listeners of the Strident Conservative know that I frequently provide information about the goings on about of radical LGBT extremists and their declared war on American culture. Often, these updates demonstrate how children are targeted for indoctrination by the public-school system into accepting LGBT sexually deviant lifestyles as normal.

Steve Deace once called this a form of Marxism on the part of a Rainbow Jihad, an apt description when you consider the words of Karl Marx–“The education of all children, from the moment they can get along without a mother’s care shall be at state institutions at the state’s expense.”

Recently, a charter school in California called Rocklin Academy has been a willing accomplice in advancing LGBT terrorism. And while other schools across America have been targeted by LGBT extremists, Rocklin is unique in that they are focusing on kindergarten-aged children. And they are deliberately doing this without parental consent or involvement and without giving parents an option to opt out.

Last month, Rocklin was involved in a situation that got parents rightfully upset when they discovered they were left out of a pro-LGBT “teaching moment,”—which included a “coming-out” celebration by a five-year-old boy who thinks he’s a girl. Rocklin officials defended the curriculum, the teacher, and their decision to exclude parents, using California’s anti-discrimination laws as their defense.

Shortly after this situation, a six-year-old was threatened with disciplinary action after she “misgendered” a male classmate who identified as a girl. A Gestapo-style interrogation took place to determine if the girl was guilty as charged, and if so, what disciplinary action would be taken for “bullying” a fellow student. She escaped punishment after administrators determined that she was guilty of nothing more than an “honest mistake.”

But hey, as Gabriel Heatter used to say in the old days of radio, “There’s good news tonight.”

The Rocklin Academy school board has finally addressed the volatile situation. In a unanimous decision, the board informed parents that Rocklin’s authority concerning pro-LGBT material would be paramount to the rights of the parents. As a result, the school will provide advance notice of future lessons, but parents will still be prevented from opting out or having any say about pro-LGBT curricula.

Karl Marx would be so proud.

LGBT terrorists claim to seek equality, but in reality, they only use the word to manipulate the system into granting themselves special rights and protections that simply don’t exist in the law. And with the ignorance and disregard we see demonstrated by local, state, and federal governments when it comes to the Constitution—not to mention the courts—the destruction of a decent and moral society in America will continue to march on.


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