Bob Corker ignores committee and cops out on Tillerson nomination

Apparently Bob Corker likes the title of Senator, he’s just not that keen about the job of Senator.

It was just last year that Corker co-sponsored the bill that neutered–an appropriate word anytime the name “Corker” enters the conversation–the Senate’s Constitutional power and responsibility to approve treaties during the Iran nuclear negotiations. Thanks to Corker, Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were granted the power to do whatever they wanted, the Constitution was shredded, and Iran got their nukes.

While some may write-off that situation as an isolated incident, Corker once again showed his commitment to avoiding the Constitutional work he is paid to do.

CNN is reporting that the RINO from Tennessee will ignore the vote of the Foreign Relations Committee he chairs, and “absolutely” advance the controversial nomination of Rex Tillerson as the next Secretary of State to the full Senate–even if the former Exxon CEO fails to get the majority of votes from the committee.

“I plan on moving Tillerson to the floor. Without getting into all the machinations, I would expect there to be a vote of Rex Tillerson on the floor and I expect him to be confirmed.”

“Machinations.” Pretty fancy word just to say “I’m not going to do my job.” Why waste the time and taxpayer money holding hearings if the committee vote doesn’t matter? No wonder Corker carries an “F” Liberty Score at Conservative Review.

But, that’s what passes as leadership in the Mitch McConnell-led Senate. Lie to the voters about your commitment to Conservative values to get elected, then govern as a RINO after you win. And if the Constitution takes a hit in the process, as Mitch McConnell might say: “that’s the price we pay to make government work again.”

Would someone remind me why we gave the GOP control of Congress?


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