RINO Bob Corker delivers for Obama on Iran nuke deal

RINO not extinct yetIt was just last week that I wrote about the stupidity on display by the Obama administration in their nuclear discussions with Iran that essentially guarantees that the rogue nation will have a nuclear weapon in the very near future.

In that piece, I also mentioned how RINO WIMP Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, after a meeting with Obama, would cave on a bill he co-sponsored which was intended to keep Obama’s discussions with Iran in check.

Well, guess what… Corker and the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee agreed on a bill that gives Congress authority to review any nuclear deal with Iran. Speaking like a man worthy of the “F” grade he has earned with the  Conservative Review, Corker was nearly orgasmic in his announcement:

“It absolutely, 100 percent, keeps the congressional review process in place.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But I think Corker got his talking points wrong. I think he meant to say that “it absolutely, 100 percent, keeps congress in its place.” Obama had several objections to the original Corker bill:

  • He objected to the requirement that he certify that Iran had ceased supporting terrorist groups
  • He objected to a 60-day congressional review period
  • He objected to provisions that he says interfered with his authority to conduct foreign policy
  • He objected to other provisions he claims had nothing to do with the substance of the agreement

While the details are still being hammered out, it appears that Corker pretty much caved on every item.

  • He changed the bill to reduce the review period from 60 days to as few as 30 days
  • The bill “requires” Obama to certify that Iran is complying with the nuclear agreement every 90 days—an impossible task according to experts
  • The bill lifts the threat of sanctions if Iran is found to be sponsoring terrorism

But the real victory for the Obama administration is how the compromise takes Congress out of the picture, at least that’s how John Kerry is probably looking at it. During speeches on Capitol Hill earlier this week, Kerry stated that his goal is to keep Congress at bay while he works to complete a deal with Iran:

“We hope Congress will listen carefully and ask the questions that it wants, but also give us the space and the time to complete a very difficult task which has high stakes for our country.”

Corker is proud of his RINO-ness, as he boasts of working with Obama and the Democrats to make this cave possible. Sadly, this has become the new norm with the Republicans we put in the majority last November to stop Obama’s radical left-wing agenda.

The Constitution gives the power to approve treaties to the Senate, but the cowards there are apparently content to pass laws that makes Congress irrelevant.