Biden’s ‘misinformation’ plan does World Economic Forum’s bidding

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Joe Biden’s ‘misinformation’ plan does World Economic Forum’s bidding

Joe Biden is bringing back a major proponent of censorship to assist him with a plan to crack down on social media “misinformation,” a plan that essentially does the bidding of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The plan is to be headed up by Rob Flaherty, the former White House director of digital strategy whose combative emails to social media firms are part of a federal court case and a congressional investigation, and will target misinformation on subjects like COVID vaccines, the upcoming election, and Biden’s past record (via The Daily Caller):

The Biden campaign has brought on a major proponent of censorship to assist in its plan to crack down on social media “misinformation,” Politico reported Wednesday.

Rob Flaherty, the former White House director of digital strategy, will be one of the leaders of the Biden campaign’s efforts to fight so-called “false narratives” during the 2024 election. Flaherty is a key figure in an ongoing legal case surrounding the Biden administration’s collusion with social media companies to censor content, and on several occasions pressured platforms to take down alleged “misinformation.”

“The campaign is going to have to be more aggressive pushing back on misinformation from a communications perspective and filling some of the gaps these companies are leaving behind,” Flaherty told Politico.

The Biden campaign’s effort will combat alleged “misinformation” about Biden’s past record, the White House’s COVID-19 vaccine policies and alleged voter suppression. (Emphasis mine)

While it’s not uncommon for Joe Biden or other members of the far left to target the free speech rights of people for simply expressing unpopular opinions, Biden — a man who openly supports the Great Reset — is essentially doing the bidding of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum with his misinformation plan.

In January 2023, the World Economic Forum (WEF) announced the schedule for its 2023 annual meeting which included a panel on countering “misinformation” as part of a plan to predict and mitigate what it determined to be misinformation on a global scale.

“Misinformation” is the word used to define an individual using their right to free speech to criticize the agenda of the World Economic Forum, particularly when it concerns criticism of government rhetoric concerning COVID (via

The panel is titled “Countering Threats in the Age of Black Swans.”

The description for the panel [didn’t] define misinformation but claimed that “a wide range of actors” have access to “an ever-increasing capacity to spread misinformation.” This capacity, according to the WEF, is supposedly compounding “threats that were once considered outliers.”

During the panel, speakers [discussed] how to predict, mitigate, and counter threats that are supposedly aggravated by misinformation. (Emphasis mine)

While the panel description didn’t define misinformation, a post promoting the WEF’s annual meeting at the time said that the group considered criticism of the WEF and challenges to the mainstream COVID narrative to be misinformation.

In this post, the WEF complained that it had been targeted by “disinformation campaigns” and linked to a post by managing director Adrian Monck suggested that criticism of the WEF’s controversial “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy” slogan was tied to a “misinformation campaign.”

In addition to branding criticism of this slogan misinformation, Monck also lamented “misinformation concerning COVID-19 and vaccines.” Ironically, Monck not only branded these topics misinformation, but he also claimed that “misinformation derails free speech” and called for “action to prevent lies being accepted as truth.”

Destroying free speech to save free speech? I’m think that’s part of Ron DeSantis’ 2024 presidential campaign.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden is a big supporter of addressing misinformation silencing free speech.

At the November 2022 G20 summit held in Bali, Indonesia, leaders signed a declaration calling for the censorship of misinformation and disinformation, a measure fully endorsed by Joe Biden. Though the declaration focused mainly on climate change and Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), leaders linked SDGs to the importance of online censorship.

The G20 Declaration, an obvious threat to liberty and free speech, is also fundamental to establishing the New World Order. Joe Biden has called for America to lead the way in creating the New World Order, and none other than Klaus Schwab — chair of the World Economic Forum and architect of “The Great Reset” — was an attendee at the G20.

Biden’s endorsement of the G20’s plan to censor disinformation came as no surprise. In April 2022, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security launched the Misinformation and Disinformation Governance Board (MDGB), an agency described by many as a defacto Ministry of Truth straight out of George Orwell’s 1984 designed to deny the free speech rights of people critical of government.

Biden and his DHS secretary took so much heat about the Misinformation/Disinformation Board that they pretended to cancel the idea, but as we learned in November 2022, the Department of Homeland Security had been secretly dismantling free speech using tactics that bear a frightening resemblance to the Ministry of Truth we read about in George Orwell’s 1984 in an expansive effort by the agency to influence tech platforms.

By the way, America isn’t the only North American country working to destroy free speech; our neighbor to the north has also been busy working on their own version of a Ministry of Truth:

In Orwell’s dystopian vision of the future as described in 1984, the Ministry of Truth pretended to be dedicated to the pursuit of truth when, in fact, its primary function was to erase the truth of the past and present and replace it with the Party’s truth. This was accomplished through the use of doublespeak and Newspeak, languages used to ensure that everyone thought only what the Party wanted them to while making it impossible to betray the Party by thinking independent thoughts.

The Republican/Democrat duopoly has been pushing a liberty-killing agenda that bears a frightening resemblance to the world George Orwell described in 1984. Just like Big Brother, our government has worked to control our thoughts, limit our speech, identify criminals before a crime is committed, and track us in public using facial recognition technology.

Joe Biden is doing the World Economic Forum’s bidding with his plan to eliminate “misinformation,” and we can no longer sit idly by while he subjugates the Constitution to the will of global elitists.


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