Are we a nation gone under?

Nation gone underDo you believe in a political solution to the problems our country faces? Are you convinced that if we just had the right person in the White House we would change back to a moral society? Do you even care about morals? What exactly do we stand for as a nation, as a people, as a society and as a community?

I ask these questions because over the past week I have become more and more dejected about the current state of America. We have gone from being the descendants of men who founded the country by allowing God govern their decisions, to a mass of people in 2015 who can’t even place Christ above their iPhone.

Before you tune me out because I keep God in the equation, answer me this: do you believe in the right defend yourself and your family? Do you believe in the importance of governing self and family as the first level of governance? Are private property rights essential to you? Do you believe the government was established to ensure your protection to life? Well, these are all Biblical principles, and I’m certain the majority of Americans believe in these truths even if they don’t believe in God.

Where are our priorities as a nation? Why do we have to debate whether or not Planned Parenthood is breaking any federal laws in the series of videos recently released by the Center For Medical Progress? Negotiations are clearly happening. There is clear footage of little legs and arms just laid out on a medical tray. In the fourth video we hear the murderers joyously exclaiming “it’s a boy!” Yet, we’re still debating if the baby inside a mother’s womb is human?

The White House hasn’t even watched the Planned Parenthood videos, yet Press Secretary Josh Earnest still questions whether the footage is actually credible or not. Could it be that we are witnessing a bias agenda being pushed on the American public?

Who are we as a country when 71% of MSNBC’s daytime viewers say it’s perfectly fine for Rachel Dolezal to be transracial. Where are we as Americans when I’m told that because I’m white I can’t talk about racism. I seek to discuss unity through the lens of God, where ethnicity doesn’t exist, yet I’m told I will never understand because of my white privilege.

Have you seen the latest videos from ISIS? Did you see the one where a child executioner shoots a “coalition spy” in the head? Or how about the video featuring a little boy carrying out a beheading? What about the video that shows men being drown to death in a cage, and another group of men being blown up?

Are we really going to be silent as a country while the administration does nothing about the all out genocide occurring in the Middle East? Do you remember the Obama Administration’s support for the “Free Syrian Army?” They are the “moderate” rebels who contributed to over 1,200 Christian deaths in Syria.

Do you trust Obama with any foreign policy decisions after giving everything and receiving nothing in the “deal” with Iran? What does American “leadership” stand for when they will agree to a pact with a country whose constitution expresses hate for America and prevents Christians from testifying about Islamic persecution?

Are we going to let the major news networks tell us what we should consider important for ourselves? Where does it say about our values when Good Morning American spends 18 minutes on a boy band, yet completely ignores the slaughterhouse known as Planned Parenthood?

We need a 1776 mentality today. Every one of us needs to commit to a heart change. God needs to be our standard just as it was when John Dickinson (Signer of the Constitution) said, “Governments could not give the rights essential to happiness… We claim them from a higher source: from the King of kings, and Lord of all the earth.”

God is the only one who can save us from ourselves. We must have a heart change in America!



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