I have no white guilt and I will never apologize for being white

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Hillary Clinton stated this week that even open-minded white people get nervous when they encounter a black man in a hoodie. Now, first of all, this observation from Clinton doesn’t seem very open-minded to begin with. Is it not narrow-minded to assume there is a stigma against black people in hoodies? Why single out a black person? Isn’t Clinton displaying racism when she paints black people in hoodies as dangerous? Why should white people to pay extra attention to a black male in a hoodie?

This is just another example of the recent fashionable media driven narrative that seeks to demonize white people.

In 2015, if you’re white, you should feel ashamed. There’s really no reason to continue living because all the evil atrocities ever committed in this country have been done by the white devil. As we should know, slavery is exclusive to American history; it didn’t exist prior to Christopher Columbus sailing to America. If we are true to our white guilt, we should also accept that white people have been the only ethnicity that has featured slave owners.

We should pay no attention to the history of the Egyptians, Mayans, Chinese, Indians or Arabs. And, of course, if we’re really reading our Bibles, we know that Moses told Thomas Jefferson, to “LET MY PEOPLE GO,” back in the late 1700s. If we’re to embrace our responsibilities related to our white guilt, we should acknowledge that all the founders of America were nothing but white rich slave owners who also hated women — they were early card-carrying members of the white privilege club.

People who believe this garbage need to understand a few things about the “racist” founding of our country. First of all, there were plenty of founders who felt slavery was wrong and needed to be abolished. William Livingston, Charles Carroll, Benjamin Rush and Ben Franklin were just a few of the founders who opposed slavery. Franklin and Rush founded the first anti-slavery society in 1773, with John Jay as the president of a similar society in New York.

You also need to keep in mind that within about 20 years of the 1783 Treaty of Peace with Britain, the northern states abolished slavery:

  • Pennsylvania and Massachusetts in 1780
  • Connecticut and Rhode Island in 1784
  • New Hampshire in 1792
  • Vermont in 1793
  • New York in 1799
  • New Jersey in 1804.

The Constitution left the issue of slavery up to the states, so if a state wanted to rid themselves of slavery, they very well could under our founding document. And don’t forget about the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 & 1789, which forbid slavery as well.

It’s unfortunate that some claim white people can’t talk about racism, and we are simply unable to understand what blacks go through. The Daily Beast has recently urged its readers to stop expecting white people to wake up to racism. Over at the Huffington Post, John Metta makes the claim:

White people do not think in terms of we. White people have the privilege to interact with the social and political structures of our society as individuals. You are “you,” I am “one of them.” Whites are often not directly affected by racial oppression even in their own community, so what does not affect them locally has little chance of affecting them regionally or nationally. They have no need, nor often any real desire, to think in terms of a group. They are supported by the system, and so are mostly unaffected by it.”

Whites are unaffected by the system? Which system is that? The system where our tax money funds the murder of millions of babies? Would it be the system where school districts permit teachers to give condoms to sixth graders? Maybe it’s the system that requires an 80,000 page federal register to over regulate every part of our lives?

I don’t feel guilty talking about how the Democrat party has victimized the black population; keeping the cities where they have been in charge of down in a cesspool. I feel no white guilt addressing the problem with hip-hop artists’ who make songs that play right into the stereo types of the black community, such as: being nothing but thugs, selling drugs, spending money at the strip-clubs and abusing woman with derogatory language. Why can’t whites and blacks fight back against those issues together?

When 2016 Democrat presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley was booed for saying, “All lives matter,” and then actually apologized for suggesting white lives matter just as much as black lives, I wanted to throw up. Do we really live in a country where a show titled This week In Blackness! forces a white man to apologize for suggesting his life matters? Do the people at This Week in Blackness not agree with Martin Luther King Jr.?

MTV seeks to document the everyday white guilt in the new show White People. So, I’m supposed to embrace my white guilt because a documentary says so? Wouldn’t it be more productive to create a documentary on the history of the Democrat party, and their role in attempting to destroy the black community?

The fact of the matter is we are all equal in God’s eyes. He made all of us in HIS image. To suggest we are a different race in not biblical. I have no white guilt, and I will never apologize for being white.


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