Are Trump’s Supreme Court picks a bribe for Conservative votes? (Update)

Trump fooled yet

In my commentary yesterday, I posed the question about how a President Trump would deal with a Democrat-controlled Senate led by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer–a scenario that grows ever more likely as we approach November–and how it will most certainly result in the loss of some of our constitutional rights such as the Second Amendment.

My basis for this concern comes from Trump’s numerous flip-flops on issues important to Conservatives, his chummy relationship with Schumer–he gave thousands to the NY Liberal’s re-election campaign–and Schumer’s favorable opinion of The Donald as a so-called bridge builder.

So it was with a great deal of skepticism that I read about Trump’s release of a list of eleven potential nominees to the Supreme Court. While legal analysts such as Jeffrey Toobin of CNN and Judge Andrew Napolitano of FOX News consider the list of names a “conservative dream team” of “serious” candidates, the reality is that Trump’s release of these names is more likely the actions of a non-conservative pretending to be a conservative in order to win conservative votes.

By the way, why was it wrong for Ted Cruz to name his VP pick before officially winning the nomination but Trump is to be praised for naming Supreme Court nominees before he is the official nominee? But I digress…

Back to the likelihood that Trump will be dealing with a Democrat-controlled Senate: what makes The Donald or his supporters think that a constitutional conservative in the mold of Antonin Scalia–as Trump described the names on his list–has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting confirmed? And with blatant resistance all but certain, will the man who has repeatedly made a point of his awesome deal-making talents fight or deal?

I think you know the answer.

Robert Eno of Conservative Review recently came to this conclusion about Trump’s presidential ambitions:

“It is becoming increasingly clear that Donald Trump is an amorphous populist who will adopt any position needed to gain unfettered access to the Oval Office.”

Personally, I think the release of this list of potential Supreme Court nominees is nothing more than The Donald’s latest attempt to bribe Conservatives for our vote.

UPDATE: Since preparing this yesterday evening, Trump is already walking back his list. In fact, he admits that he might have someone else in mind.


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