Ann Coulter: The “C” stands for crap-ass

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If it wasn’t for the fact that she has established a rather lengthy resume of supporting the Republican establishment over true Conservatives over the past few years, you could maybe give Ann Coulter a pass with her latest appeal to America to get out and vote Republican. However, her track record leads me to believe that she’s just another GOP sellout willing to trade her soul for a Republican majority in the Senate, even if it will do little to change things for the better. Some of her hits include:

Being a pitiful prognosticator of presidential politics for the pachyderm party isn’t unique to Ann, but lately she has become more personal, specifically when it concerns the upcoming mid-term elections; attacking conservatives and T.E.A. Party types for being too “principled” for their own good—or should I say, the Republican party’s own good?

  • She attacked Chris McDaniel and his supporters for having the audacity to challenge the questionable run-off election against Thad Cochran, calling them “clowns and nuts.”
  • She called conservatives who challenged G.O.P. Hall of Shame member Mitch McConnell a “right-wing mob” in an article where she presented a defense of McConnell that could be used as an official campaign flyer.
  • A YouTube video was released by the McConnell campaign—a coincidence, I’m sure—where she attacked the Senate Conservatives Fund as a “phony” group of “shysters.”

As if her conservative chameleonism wasn’t already obvious, she doubled down on her lack convictions in a recent interview on Sean  Hannity’s radio show:

 “We can’t just abandon the field right now. You have to vote Republican, even for crap-ass Republicans,”

Talk about your campaign slogans . . . “VOTE FOR ME! I’M A CRAP-ASS REPUBLICAN! Kind of rolls off the tongue, don’t you think?

And isn’t it great that she can defend John Boehner because he’s abandoned the immigration issue . . . “for now”?

Which brings to light the reason that many of the Republican insiders are in trouble in the first place. They will say and/or do anything to protect their posteriors. They don’t believe in conservative values unless it will get them a vote. And even then, they abandon those values until the next election.

The R.I.N.O. W.I.M.P.S. of the Republican party have made destroying Conservatives a primary goal this year (see Karl Rove’s American Crossroads), but it would seem that Ann Coulter has been defending the party establishment—many of whom are enshrined in the Gutless On Principles (G.O.P.) Hall of Shame—for much longer than that.

The letter “c” used to stand for conservative when discussing the Republican party. Now, in Ann Coulter’s world, it stands for crap-ass.

A sad, but accurate description of the Republican party.

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