Post-Constitutional America on the road to judicial tyranny

As a Constitutional conservative, one of my greatest joys is exposing the rampant abuse of federal power displayed by all three branches of government, particularly when these abuses serve as a direct threat to our Constitutional rights.

At the same time, one of my greatest frustrations comes from how this behavior by our federal overlords has become standard operating procedure, and as a result, is accepted as normal by everyday Americans who have become lukewarm in their relationship with their God-given rights.

Many Americans today willingly, if not indifferently, accept government overreach by members of Congress or the President because they are the keepers of the keys to the kingdom of government goodies. In their minds, government is the source designed to meet their needs, so they will always choose to vote for the person offering the biggest payday even if they have to surrender their rights to cash the check.

This line of thinking has created an ever-increasing dependency on government, but it has also resulted in the creation of a court system that practices judicial activism disguised as justice. The abuse of power by the judicial branch of government is destroying the country by emboldening unelected black-robed tyrants to stand above other branches of government—writing laws, instead of judging them.

These acts of judicial tyranny are being used by socialists and progressives to snuff out the Constitution one amendment at a time in order to, as Barack Obama stated, “fundamentally transform America.”

Speaking of Obama, in an article I wrote in July, I described how he and Eric Holder had partnered up to build a grass-roots movement designed to hijack Congressional redistricting after the 2020 census, creating Democrat-friendly districts that are “racially fair.”

One of the arrows in their quiver is the court system, a branch of government loaded with Obama appointees.

Obama’s plan could be having an effect. While not directly tied to the former president, a recent ruling by the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has effectively voided the Tenth Amendment in North Carolina. In their ruling, these unelected judges are taking control of redrawing congressional districts after the GOP legislature had already redrawn them.

The two-party system has destroyed Congress and the presidency, and the courts are the collateral damage. Unfortunately, that’s what happens in a post-Constitutional America.


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