A capitulation on guns? Dems say jump, GOP asks how high


Republicans could use the general disquiet in the country about rising crime, mass shootings, terrorism, and sanctuary cities to promote a conservative agenda on guns, immigration, and criminal justice.  Instead they cede the field to Democrats and allow them to define the narrative.  They operate solely in the world Democrats present to them.

In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we discuss how Democrats get Republicans to turn the winning issue of guns into a loser. We delve through the disturbing history of the NRA pretending to be strong on guns but actually undermining our efforts to pass pro-gun legislation.

The tragic irony is that there are many tragedies on the immigration and criminal justice front that do indeed have redressable public policy angles, yet Republicans won’t use them to promote a conservative agenda.  Later in the show, we go through some new developments in criminal justice and early release for violent criminals.  Yet, not only are Republicans not using the issue of rising crime to fight these new ideas, they are joining with the left in pushing jailbreak.

Maybe we should just let all the criminals out of jail and put the guns in jail.

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