With no conservatives to stop them, Republicans advance red flag laws

When Nancy Pelosi made “common sense” gun control one of her top priorities as the new Speaker of the House, it came as no surprise. After all, Democrats have been working on ways to void the Second Amendment for decades. And Pelosi herself once said, “If I had my way, sporting guns would be strictly regulated, the rest would be confiscated.”

What has gone largely unreported, however, is how Trump and the GOP support Pelosi’s anti-gun agenda. In fact, ever since the 2016 shooting at a gay Orlando nightclub by an Islamic terrorist, Trump and the swamp he promised to drain have openly advocated for new ways to deny Americans the right to bear arms.

While their goal to disarm America laid dormant during the first year of GOP control of Washington following the 2016 election, it’s become a top priority since the tragic shooting at a Florida high school in February 2018 when they joined Democrats to push for new anti-gun laws.

In a “bipartisan” meeting with pro-gun control legislators a few days after the tragedy, Trump promised Sen. Dianne Feinstein that he would ban bump stocks “without Congress” using his pen and phone.

“I’m going to write that out. We can do that with an executive order. You won’t have to worry about bump stocks. We can do it without Congress. We have to act.”

Unfortunately, the president who routinely breaks his promises kept that one. I’m sure Obama was smiling.

Trump also told his Democrat friends he supported taking guns from citizens without due process even if they have committed no crime. He said police should be able to seize guns “whether they have the right or not” and that government should have the power to “take the guns first, go through due process second.”

The idea of seizing guns without due process (Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments) has become quite popular under a Constitution-shredding law known as the Extreme Risk Protection Order (aka ERPO or red flag law). The law allows citizens to anonymously petition a judge for an order giving police authority to seize all firearms from people deemed a threat to themselves or others … by force if necessary. No warrant. No arrest. No charges.

Republicans have been working on ways to nationalize ERPOs.

Sen. Linsey Graham co-sponsored a bill with Sen. Richard Blumenthal last year that would have given federal courts jurisdiction over the states to seize guns, but it has failed to advance because it’s considered too extreme.

Not to worry, though. Graham is adopting an idea proposed by Sen. Marco Rubio where the federal government would use taxpayer money to bribe states to pass ERPO laws of their own. In other words, pass an ERPO law, get a government check! Graham began work on such a bill last week.

Graham and Rubio are members of the Gutless On Principles Hall Of Shame, so their anti-Second Amendment attitude comes as no surprise. But it’s sickening to America’s heart of liberty when a so-called conservative like House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows is receptive to the idea.

When asked if he could support Graham’s bill, Meadows defended the Constitution … just kidding. Actually, he indicated the Freedom Caucus could get behind the bill if it contained “appropriate” due process protections. “I do think there may be a sweet spot,” Meadows said in defense of the bill.

I must have missed the “sweet spot” exception in the Second Amendment, but I’m not worried. It’s not like Republicans would do anything to violate our constitutional rights, and even if they tried, conservatives would stop them. Right?



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