Why Won’t Conservatives Just Let Romney Win?

According to the number 2 House Republican, it’s time for everyone to coalesce around Mitt Romney – aka Mr. Inevitable – so he can focus on losing to running against Obama in November.

Karl Rove – the George Castanza of the political world because they both pretend to be architects – declares that Romney “appears ready to grind out a victory (for the nomination) – and (is) well-positioned to win the presidency.”

An ever-increasing number of conservative critics, including several members of the conservative media, have thrown their support behind Mitt-the-Flip.

So why, with all of this momentum, are conservatives so reluctant to fall in-step and just let Romney win, as independent pollster and political analyst Scott Rasmussen said recently?

I can’t speak for the entire conservative community, but I think that the answer is this:




Check out this tidbit from my friends at RedState.com:

In the eleven presidential elections since the birth of modern conservatism, five GOP nominees ran as moderates – and were perceived as moderates. All lost, with the single exception of George H. W. Bush in 1988, and he was arguably running for Ronald Reagan’s “third term.”

Conversely, all six GOP candidacies which were framed and perceived as conservative won.

And that argument that Mitt is a businessman who understands the economy?

The absolute worst officeholders of the past twenty years -– Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Senators Frank Lautenberg, Jon Corzine, Herb Kohl, and Howard Metzenbaum – have been the most successful businessmen.

And there’s a cause-and-effect there. A person who thinks he can approach governance in the same way as he makes widgets will invariably conclude that very, very large government is the best government.

As if the threat of McCain 2.0 isn’t enough, there’s Mitt’s never-ending ability to provide the scripts for the ads Obama will use to deflect from his weaknesses. Check out these Romney Nuggets:

I realize that some of these quotes might be taken out of context – since when has an out of context quote not been used in politics? – but when you add them to his lack of solid conservative credentials, it’s a formula for a guaranteed loss.

And even if he were to beat Obama, conservatives have little to go on when it comes to Mitt’s convictions as far as restoring the values we treasure. In fact, there have already been statements made by his election team to lead many to believe that he will be nothing more than “Obama-lite.”

By the way, the “electability” argument continues to lose steam. Polls continue to show Romney losing to Obama (sorry Ann Coulter).

Republicans in Washington who want to keep their cushy jobs want you to believe that the days of Conservatism is over, and they are actually hopeful that if a Conservative wins the nomination, that he will be destroyed. This, they say, will prove it’s demise. Of course, if Romney wins the nomination and loses to Obama, Conservatives will get blamed for that too, right?

Why won’t Conservatives just let Romney win? Because Conservatism is NOT dead! Nothing could be further from the truth.


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