Who Should Get To Vote In America?

Jodi with NewsBusted is off this week, so Friday Funnies will be back next Friday. But don’t despair, Media Research Center had provided us with two interesting videos covering the topic of who should get to vote in America.

The first asks the question, “are voter ID laws racist?” Believe it or not, the NAACP says they are, and in a bit of “global government” frenzy, they are taking their case to the United Nations. Who needs the United States and that pesky Constitution when you can take your case to a “One World” body filled with unelected bureaucrats from such bastions of human rights as China, Cuba, Libya, and Saudi Arabia?

Of course, the very fact that America even participates with the U.N. Human Rights Council comes to us courtesy of Global Citizen and President of the World, His Most Royal Majesty, Barack Hussein Obama. No prior President would participate in such a charade, but I digress.

The second video asks the question, “Should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote in America?” In the words of MRCTV, “why do we ask such a stupid question? Because there are a lot of really stupid people out there.” I’m sure you’ll agree after watching.

In a way, we still got a few laughs this week, because you have to laugh to keep from crying.