Trump or Hillary means we need Conservatives in Congress so #RetireMcCain

McCain Time to RetireOne of the concerns conservatives have with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president is how he most likely will affect the down-ticket candidates running for congress, as well as for state and local offices. With current polling showing a strong likelihood of down-ticket losses, even to the extent that the Senate and possibly the House of Representatives could flip to Democrat control, it’s vitally important that we commit ourselves to get out and vote for conservatives running for these offices.

I will be talking about a few key races between now and November where we have chances to put Conservatives in office, and I would like to start with the office of Senator for the state of Arizona. That’s right; I’m talking about Gutless On Principles (GOP) Hall of Shame member, John McCain.

Now wait a minute! He’s a republican incumbent. Shouldn’t we be supporting his re-election? No! Remember, we need to put conservatives in these offices, not just another RINO Republican. We need to #RetireMcCain.

John McCain has been in Washington for so long that it would be impossible to list in this brief commentary the many reasons he needs to be shown the door. So I’ll just focus on some of the most recent.

  • Illegal immigration. From the McCain-Kennedy bill to the Gang of Eight, McCain has been a leader in the Senate in trying to pass amnesty for illegals legislation. No wonder Tom Tancredo calls him the poster boy for the establishment.
  • Syria. While wearing a facade of being tough on terror, McCain has called Syrian Al-Qaeda members “patriots,” said that Syrian rebels were simply thanking God when they shout “Allahu Akbar,” and he met with and had his picture taken with known terrorists.
  • Hobbits. That’s a weird one, isn’t it? But that’s the name McCain gave the TEA Party when they dared to demand that Congress keep its promise to reduce the deficit back in 2011.
  • Wacko-birds. Another weird one, but that’s the word he came up with to describe Ted Cruz and Rand Paul back in 2013 when they filibustered legislation that would restrict our second amendment rights. Legislation that McCain later supported.

In addition to these few examples, McCain currently is the proud owner of a Conservative Review Liberty Score of 34%. That means he voted liberal 2 out of every 3 votes on issues such as: the budget, energy, Obamacare, and income taxes, among others. His liberal voting record has become so absurd that the Arizona Republican Party censured him for it.

The Conservative alternative running against McCain in the upcoming Arizona primary is Kelli Ward who has received endorsements from Mark Levine, all the way to the National Association of Gun Rights. Her position on the issues most important to Constitutional Conservatives is spot on, and as a doctor who has experienced it first hand, Ward offers a detailed alternative to Obamacare called The Patient Power Plan.

No matter who wins the presidency in November, whether Trump or Hillary, America needs Conservatives to protect our country and our Constitution.



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