Trump’s SOTU pushed agenda loved by Obama and a majority of Americans

When Donald Trump gave his first speech as president to a joint session of Congress in February last year, he was praised for his ability to sound presidential when reading a teleprompter, a talent that Barack Obama also possessed.

In that speech, Trump revealed another similarity he had with his predecessor—a belief in big government. From budget-busting plans for infrastructure spending to a list of liberal socialistic programs endorsed by Ivanka, Trump made it clear that under his administration, the era of big government was back.

In Trump’s appearance at the fund-raiser formerly known as the State of the Union—he used the Constitutionally required event to raise money for his 2020 campaign—the New York Liberal renewed his call for bigger, more expensive government.

Sure, Trump was able to take credit for an economic recovery that began in 2009, and he was able to boast—something he’s particularly good at—about the recently passed tax reform bill. However, his desire to spend money we don’t have on the military, infrastructure, and a host of other items will only succeed in creating trillion-dollar deficits from now to doomsday.

Hey, Trump doesn’t call himself the King of Debt for nothing.

Unfortunately, with conservative ideals like smaller government and reduced spending no longer at the core of the Republican party and with America’s growing entitlement mentality replacing values like hard work and self-reliance, Trump’s non-conservative agenda will be celebrated as a true “America First” plan for the future.

According to a recent NBC News-Wall Street Journal Poll, up to 58 percent of Americans want the government to do more to “solve problems and help meet the needs of people.” This level of support for nanny-state government is the highest ever recorded during the 20 years the question has been asked, and it comes even though 69 percent of those polled stated that “the US economy is doing well” and that “they are satisfied with the economy.”

Trump called on the American people to celebrate “our new American moment,” but last night’s State of the Union proved that Andrew Breitbart was right years ago when he said that Donald Trump possessed no conservative values. Unfortunately, a majority of Americans seem to think that’s a good thing.

Meanwhile, liberty continues to suffer a slow and agonizing death.


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