Trump and GOP: They are who we thought they were

If conservatives have learned anything about the Washington establishment, the GOP in particular, it’s that the change America needs in order to get on-track won’t come from the halls of Congress or the Oval Office. Our so-called representatives are more concerned with preserving their political careers than they are about preserving the Constitution, which is why I support the Article V Convention of States project.

One of the consequences of the feckless and dysfunctional leadership coming from Washington has been the absence of any major policy accomplishments since the election, such as: Obamacare repeal, getting illegal immigration under control, tax reform and defunding Planned Parenthood.

Additionally, the leadership failures of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have provided cover for Trump’s failure to deliver on his campaign promises. At least, that’s the feeling of grassroots conservatives as revealed in a recent survey conducted by the Convention of States.

While it’s popular to blame the media for Trump’s troubling lack of performance, the survey points to Congress as bearing the primary responsibility, and I have to agree. Sure, the media is liberally biased and works 365 days a year to derail Republicans, but that’s not a new condition that suddenly appeared under Trump. What has appeared, however, is total GOP control of Washington and the agenda.

When Trump was running for office, it was obvious to everyone, even most of his supporters, that he was a double-minded man unstable in all his ways and completely void of any conviction to core values. One of the promises we were given at the time was that he could be held in check if we surrounded him with conservatives. It was argued that, as a man who likes to put his name on absolutely everything, Trump could still advance conservative ideals, even if he didn’t support them. This is one reason we gave Republicans the keys to the kingdom.

However, in the absence of any conservative leadership in Congress, the promise to make Trump “presidential” becomes just another broken promise in the long list of broken promises.

In the end, to quote the former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals following a devastating loss to the Chicago Bears, Dennis Green, there is only one logical conclusion we can reach when it comes to Trump and the GOP…


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