Trump, GOP use Saul Alinsky rules to advance budget and tax reform

When the Senate passed the Make Big Government Great Again budget last month, Trump and the GOP put America on the fast track to bankruptcy even as it provided funding for nearly every one of Obama’s pet projects, including: Planned Parenthood, DACA, and subsidies for Obamacare.

After passing a budget that even a Democrat would love, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan were forced to find a way to justify themselves for the repeated lie that they would rein in out-of-control Washington. And they found it using two of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Rule 10: If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.

Trump and Company know that the people who gave control of Washington to the GOP expect them to keep their promises. So, when faced with advancing a negative—their broken promise to cut spending—the GOP pushed harder and offered new promises which led them to the next rule.

Rule 11: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

With their successful attack on fiscal responsibility, the GOP offered a constructive alternative in the form of tax “reform” legislation that would allow most Americans—specifically the middle class—to keep more of the money they make.

Unfortunately, Trump and the GOP created tax reform in-name-only that keeps taxes high for the folks who already pay most of the nation’s income taxes and results in higher taxes on the middle class—the folks Trump claims will be helped the most. This was confirmed by Mitch McConnell in a New York Times article on Friday.

After guaranteeing earlier that “nobody in the middle class” would see a tax increase, Micky told the Times that he “misspoke on that.” The Senate Majority Leader further stated, “You can’t guarantee that absolutely no one sees a tax increase” and that his previous promise was based on the use of “averages” to determine tax savings.

Ironically, this now makes tax reform a new “negative.” Looks like we should get ready for some hard pushing (Rule 10) from Trump and the GOP to accept higher taxes.


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