New polls are good news for Trump and GOP big-government agenda

You know, it wasn’t all that long ago that Americans considered big government to be the greatest threat facing the country. According to a December, 2016 Gallup poll, 67% of voters opposed big government; including an amazing 85% of Republicans.

In the waning days of an eight-year dictatorship under Barack Obama, it’s easy to see why nearly 7 out of every 10 respondents were concerned about the size and power of government. Sadly, it would appear that voters in the Age of Trump are OK if Big Brother becomes Bigger Brother so long as the occupant of the White House has an “R” after his name–even if the “R” is in name only.

According to two new polls, a record number of Americans say that our bloated and bankrupt government needs to get bigger in order to solve America’s problems. In fact, of the 14 items listed in one survey, the number of items that voters felt should be smaller was . . . ZERO . . . ZILCH . . . NADA.

Well, we’re only $20 trillion in debt. What’s a few more trillion more or less?

As we all know, Democrats make their living by pushing big government on the American people. But big government is also popular with a former Democrat–at least he says he’s a former Democrat–Donald Trump. Beginning with his Obama-esque speech to a joint session of Congress last month, Trump has been a reliable advocate for big government as the cure for America’s ills, including allowing entitlement spending to continue untouched.

Big government is also the attitude of the GOP establishment in Washington as they face another fake government shutdown. If everything goes as expected, the shutdown will be averted when the GOP caves to Democrat demands by fully funding the government through the end of the fiscal year.

By the way, another troubling poll showing America’s pro-big government attitude now that Trump is president indicates that voters want to keep Obamacare:

With this new attitude by voters, it will be easier for Trump and the GOP to advance a big-government, anti-Constitution, progressive agenda. Meanwhile, the chorus line will praise Trump’s faux-conservatism as liberty dies to thunderous applause.


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