Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis: Proof that everything Trump touches dies

While doing some research yesterday for an article I’m working on, I discovered that “Jenna Ellis” was trending on Twitter. Ellis, the Senior Legal Advisor to the Trump campaign and an attorney to Trump himself, had just made an appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter.

As you might expect, the reason she was trending was her sycophantic Trumpism as she defended the lawsuit threat she leveled against CNN for releasing a Poll showing Trump losing to Biden, despite the fact that nearly every pollster on the planet shows the same thing.

Still, Dear Leader’s “legal lackey” appeared on CNN because he believes that any unfavorable news is “Fake News.” And what better way to stir up the cultists than to have one of your flunkies appear on an “enemy of the American people” network?

In the words of Ellis herself, she chose to appear on CNN because the “lowly rated” network’s viewers needed to “get the facts and the truth.” Of course, she delivered neither because it wasn’t the accuracy or inaccuracy of a poll driving her, it was Trump’s never-ending assault on the First Amendment.

If you can stomach it, you can watch the entire interview below:

The reason I’m focused on this is because I used to work with Jenna Ellis at the last radio station where I was employed before launching out on my own. Additionally, I find it particularly saddening because she also used to be a contributor to The Strident Conservative.

I invited Ellis to become a contributor during the 2016 campaign season after I reviewed her book, The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution, a particularly poignant topic at the time after eight years of Obama and the impending succession by either Trump or Hillary.

Beginning with a piece about how constitutional ignorance has created a moral crisis in America, Ellis provided solid moral and constitutional arguments on topics like transgenderism and gender identity, LGBT “rights,” racial discrimination, and abortion throughout the 2016 campaign season.

After I left the radio station to strike out on my own, she stopped contributing to The Strident Conservative. And after being “discovered” by Trump in 2019 following several pro-Trump appearances on FOX News, she was hired as one of his “best people” to defend his indefensible presidency.

Already a defender of Trump’s assault on the First Amendment and calling Americans who disagree with her constitutionally ignorant — there’s an irony for you — Ellis began her new gig by supporting the obstruction by Trump and the GOP during the sham Senate impeachment hearings. This was followed by her support of Trump’s inaction with coronavirus and her cheerleading the DOJ’s effort to dismiss the Michael Flynn case.

In exchange for a cushy seat at Trump’s table, Ellis abandoned the Constitution and her so-called conservative values — replacing them with the kind of moral and ethical relativism we see every day ending in “y” from evangelicals, faux conservatives, and the Fellowship of the Pharisees in the Age of Trump.

Jenna Ellis is no longer a Strident Conservative contributor, but you can still find her earlier work on this website. I continue to make it available for two reasons: To show what her constitutional conservatism and Christian values used to look like … and to show how everything Trump touches dies (#ETTD).


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