Trump’s attacks on Bill Clinton will win Hillary the White House


Following his failure to clear the lowest bar in presidential debate history—a fact now supported by the polls—Donald Trump spent this week regrouping after losing the first presidential debate to Hillary.

Did he spend the week working on his speaking or debating skills? Did he bone up on his foreign policy and economic weaknesses? Of course not! The Donald needs to be free to be the Donald. Instead, Mr. “You’re Fired” brought the hammer down on his aides for stating the obvious about the beating he endured at the hands of Hillary. Although he continued to defend his use of the words “Miss Piggy” to describe the 1996 Miss Universe winner, Alicia Machado, saying he saved her job in the process.

He also picked up two new talking points. The first deals with Hillary’s accusation at the debate that Trump is refusing to release his tax returns because it’s quite possible he hasn’t paid any taxes—an accusation that prompted Trump to interrupt her saying, “That would make me smart.” Not content with giving the appearance that he’s a rich tax-dodger, Trump appeared with Faux News’s Bill O’Reilly where he added fuel to the fire by stating that America might want a person like that as their next president.

His second talking point involves attacks on Bill Clinton for his track record of infidelity and sexual assaults. It’s this point that will not only backfire, but will ensure Hillary wins the remaining debates—if Trump decides to attend—and give Hillary the edge she needs to become the next president.

Attacking Bill Clinton will have no effect on Hillary. He’s the one who cheated, not her. Besides, Bill’s not running for president. When Trump accuses her of enabling Billy-Jeff, she’ll garner enough sympathy to win her the vote of every undecided woman in America by whipping out her victim card, joining hands with her feminist sisters, and leading the audience in a chorus of “Stand by Your Man.”

I always liked the Blues Brothers’ version of the song.

Once that gambit is completed, Hillary will then levy a counter-assault using the same allegations against Trump. Adultery? Trump’s written a book bragging about his adultery, not to mention that he’s had multiple marriages as a result. And sexual assault? There is an active lawsuit that has been filed in New York by a woman under the pseudonym Katie Johnson. She alleges that Trump and his friend Jeffrey Epstein—who’s also a friend of Bill Clinton’s—raped her when she was thirteen years old.

Talk radio host Steve Deace contends that the Hillary campaign has been in possession of this information and has been holding on to it to use if Trump attacks Bill. And I think he’s right.

Attack the ego of a narcissist and they’ll become so self-centered that they’ll self-destruct. That’s the strategy Hillary used in the debate, and it worked to perfection.

Get ready to say, “Madam President,” America.


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