The Republican divide: Defending liberty vs. defending the party

defending liberty defending the partyEver since their humiliating defeat in the 2020 election, a divide has become obvious within the Republican ranks where talk about defending liberty is, in reality, political doublespeak for defending the party.

The Republican minority in Congress has been desperately looking for ways to repair the damage done to the party by Trumpism and faux conservatism over the past four years, including appeals for money that contain flowery language about liberty, conservatism, and other values they know nothing about.

Guest contributor Joe Marshall wrote for The Strident Conservative a little over a year ago that there has been a moral disconnect between defenders of liberty and defenders of politics, and this is something that has become extremely obvious within the Republican Party. And despite losing the presidency and control of Congress, there are still far too many so-called conservatives voting faithfully for party over principle.

This fact hasn’t been missed by Republican Party leaders, as is evidenced in a recent fundraising email disguised as a petition drive from Trumpist extraordinaire, Rep. Jim Jordan. Notice the immediate reference to “conservatives” and Trumpism and how he subtly blends them into the road to a Republican majority:

FLIP THE HOUSE PETITION: Before the State of the Union speech on Thursday, February 23rd, I’ve set a goal of identifying 100,000 conservatives who stand ready and willing to help our team flip the House next November.


The Democrats spent four years trying to stop President Trump from getting anything accomplished for the American people. Now, President Biden is replicating the leadership style of Barack Obama: governing by executive order.

In the first week of his presidency Joe Biden signed more than 40 executive orders. For a guy who campaigned on bipartisan compromise, he’s off to a very lousy start. So much for working with Republicans – or even his own party – in Congress!

This is just the beginning: in the coming weeks expect more executive orders, government madidates, economy crushing shutdowns, government spending increases and more.

I’m writing today because we must start now to win a Conservative majority in Congress. We only need a few more Conservatives in Congress to put the Democrats in the minority and prevent the Democrat administration from doing more damage to our nation.

While the election may not be this month or even this year – it’s imperative we’re able to begin the groundwork for a successful campaign cycle. TODAY.

Before the State of the Union speech on February 23rd, I’ve set a goal of identifying 100,000 conservatives who stand ready and willing to help our team flip the House next November.

We have 14 days until the State of the Union Address and so far have collected just 20,000 signatures, which means today we need 5,714 patriots to step forward in order to stay on track toward meeting our goal.

Retiring Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and uniting all Conservatives to stop radical legislation from Joe Biden and the far left begins today. We’re counting on you to join our cause.

Without control of the House or the Senate, Republicans are inherently at a disadvantage. Right now, we can’t block Democrats’ pet projects from making their way into COVID relief legislation or stop Biden from halting construction on the Keystone Pipeline.

The American people made it clear in November’s election – they elected Conservatives in nearly every close House race in the country. Now we must expand the map and take back the majority.

We hope you will be among the first to sign up and signal your commitment to return a Conservative majority in the House.

Thank you for your support.

For freedom,

Jim Jordan

Let’s put Jordan calling out Biden for ruling with his pen and phone when Trump did the same thing on every major issue and how Republicans defended him for doing so because Obama did it too on the back burner for now. Republicans are simply unable or unwilling to force themselves to face the truth of their hypocrisy.

Instead, I want to address how blatantly obvious it is to see Jordan use “conservative” and “Republican” interchangeably as if they are synonymous. Doublespeak is one thing, but there’s a growing number of faux conservatives who have no problem with it as long as it has been repackaged as Trump’s nationalism.

Communism is already in the DNA of the far-left, but the more nationalism is accepted by Republicans as the new conservatism, the greater the divide between defending liberty and defending the party.

The objective of Republican leadership is to convince conservatives that there is no difference between the two. And if they succeed, nothing — not the Constitution, our right to life, our right to arms, or even liberty itself will remain the same — but the party will be preserved.

Conservatives must reject the Republican Party, but are they ready to do so?

Most are too busy to pay attention to the minutia of all the “evolutionary” social statics and dynamics at work in politics, but Republicans desperate for power live and die by them. Wherever the prevailing political winds blow, so goes the Republican, that is, if he/she wants to keep his/her job. So, regardless of how you and I define liberty, and despite the lip service Republicans give to “preserving” it, most everyone in the party has made peace with liberty’s demise because there simply isn’t any political power left to be had by defending what’s essentially become the “dead dogma” of liberty.

When Republicans promise to preserve liberty, they’re merely parroting party talking points. This is where the Republican divide between defending liberty and defending party politics abides as two diametrically opposed issues. Republicans who defend the party aren’t lying or going back on their word when they throw liberty under the bus; they’re doing exactly what they told us they would do. Preserving liberty in the context of the Republican Party is to destroy it in the name of preserving the party.

Meanwhile, faux conservatives are radicalizing themselves with the prison yard extortion tactics of Alinsky’s confrontational politics in the name of growing Republican political power. And it works. Nationalism isn’t subject to the moral check of liberty, so the “ends justifies the means” approach to growing raw, political power has been very effective.

We need to say goodbye to the Republican Party and the elitists who use it to destroy liberty, but that doesn’t mean we should be politically indifferent. Get politically active on the state and local level if you want to begin seeing things change in Washington. But do so with an awareness that unless we act and think as truly free people, we’re not going to be able to change a single thing.

We need to get busy while there are still some who know what true liberty is and what it isn’t . . . and before our efforts are forced underground. The sooner we get started the better.


David Leach is the owner of the Strident Conservative. He holds people of every political stripe accountable for their failure to uphold conservative values, and he promotes those values instead of political parties.

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