The real scandal: Trump’s leftward lurch on Islam, foreign policy

The only thing worse than seeing Obama’s policies actualized is seeing them actualized under our banner.

In this episode of “The Conservative Conscience,” we discuss the foreign policy betrayals of the administration, promoted by the likes of H.R. McMaster and Dina Powell. From policies towards the PLO and the Saudis, to Turkey and Iran, this administration is pursuing the very same agenda conservatives blasted under Obama.  Have we lost our intellectual honesty to such a point that we will now bless policies we hated just a few months ago?

We further delve into the danger of allowing the Saudis and Erdogan to fund a subversion agenda on our own soil and how that is the front line in the war against jihad, not refereeing Islamic civil wars. Thus, to sell out to the Saudis under the guise of fighting ISIS is completely backwards.

The key is for conservatives not to get distracted by the smoke of optics and bluster of rhetoric, but focus on the policy outcomes behind the curtain. Look at what is actually happening on the policies and issues from which the media will often distract us, and it will become clear we are losing the battle for control of this administration. Too many people are focusing the speeches Trump has given overseas and not on the broader policy direction of the administration. More than with any other administration, the policies are not reflecting the rhetoric of the president himself. That is a problem.

What’s the point of obsessing over defending this administration from all the scandals if they are not even promoting our policies anyway? This is why it’s so important that Trump hear from conservatives and understand that we are not OK with him selling out on foreign policy. If we don’t advocate for our priorities, who will?

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