The “new (false) narrative” and the progressive tale of two Americas

The more the fundamental transformation of America marches on, the more even her history is being “organized” against her. It’s not by chance that the more this new reorganized history bubbles up from its origins in revolutionary doctrine, through our ever increasing progressive politics, the more “evidence” against her is being found to justify even more increasingly radical revolutionary “changes” to come.

Where America was originally founded on the principles of securing the freedom of individual liberty, that history has since undergone a progressive rewrite according to the needs of the collectivism that’s been in revolution against them both, since our very beginning.

In that rewrite the deception in this new found tale of two Americas is two-fold. The first one being in the revolutionary progressive version of what America was and is today because of her history, and the other even greater deception is that most if not all racial and social atrocities being blamed on America as Founded, are actually products of the progressive collectivism the accusers themselves have come to champion.

That the evils of progressivism itself have been so successfully projected onto America, which was actually founded in the effort to declare an Independence from the tyranny she now stands accused of, is very telling of forces we’re dealing with. But the truth of it needs to be told nonetheless.

Simply put, America has been recast as the great racist “oppressor” of the Communist Manifesto. And it’s from this revolutionary “new narrative” we learn America was born of the pro-slavery white supremacy that decided the Dred Scott case and upheld Jim Crow laws.

We also learn that the structural racism/genderism of this same oppressive whiteness lives on to this day at the intersections of white privilege, the prison industrial complex, mass incarceration, police shootings, toxic masculinity, the heteronormative patriarchal nuclear family, private property, capitalism, and an array of inherent implicit biases.

The upsurge in human rights-based critical curricula, implicit bias training, and criminal justice reform stand as testament to the political and academic heights and ends to which this tactical revolutionary accusatory has come to be accepted as truth in both parties.

In reality, wherever the supremacy of any protected race or class, or the pre, sub, or post-person status of anybody has found its way into American society, it’s been at the hands of progressivism, contrary to both the letter and spirit of the Constitution, not at the hands of liberty.

For every hard won step that has ever been taken in the direction of the “idea” of America as founded, progressivism has been there to repeal and replace it with the “progress” of a step back in the direction of its enslaving collectivism. Even as the American Colonies were declaring their independence from a tyrannical king’s rule there were those who, while supporting the Declaration itself, wanted to keep aspects of the king’s tyranny over certain people for themselves. Thus slavery as a specifically enumerated cause of that Declaration was stricken from it, and the three-fifths compromise was forced.

From slavery, fugitive slave laws, Dred Scott, the Civil War (and the 600,000+ dead because of it) to Jim Crow, the KKK, Wilson’s New Freedom, FDR’s New Deal, LBJ’s Great Society and its War on Crime and Poverty, and the 60,000,000+ little ones aborted of all races since Roe v Wade, it’s progressivism along with those who have sanctioned extra-constitutional collectivism that owns every broken promise, every tear shed and every dream of life and liberty lost because of them!

As American politics continues to settle into the sad reflection of the communist left verses nationalist right of Europe, not only will our Constitution and Republic come under increasing assaults, a marked increase in the violent volatility inherent to both will essentially be assured because no collectivism holds a moral check on revolutionary action superior to the tenets of its “ends justify the means” mentality.

These things aren’t just in our future, they’re already taking place, including in the recent mass shootings. Like clockwork, both the left and the right have come out in favor of even more of the same revolutionary progressive collectivism that spurred them.

But for either of them to win, it will cost us our Republic, and the liberty of us all.


Joe Marshall was born and raised in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY. He is a married father of two grown sons, an outdoorsman, a landscape contractor, a former stock car owner and driver, a certified 4H firearms instructor, and a retired New York State corrections officer.

Joe is the author of the book, Last Call for Liberty