The KKK and Louis Farrakhan – Can you tell the difference?

KKK Farrakhan

So did you hear about the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan who stood behind the pulpit of a Baptist Church and called on his white brothers and sisters to kill blacks in order to end the violence whites have experienced at the hands of the black man and then get a standing ovation?

If you didn’t, there’s a reason — it’s because it never happened. But a situation just like it took place, although it was 180° in the opposite direction.

Preaching directly from the Quran behind the pulpit of the packed Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan told his adulating listeners that only violent retaliation is the only way for black Americans to “rise up” and overthrow their white oppressors:

“I’m looking for ten thousand in the midst of the million. Ten thousand men who say, ‘Death is sweeter than continued life under tyranny.”

He then launched into a poetic tirade against whites backed up with Quranic verse:

“Death is sweeter than to continue to live and bury our children, while white folks give the killer hamburgers.

“Death is sweeter, than watching us slaughter each other, to the joy of a 400-year-old enemy. Yes, death is sweeter.

“The Quran teaches persecution is worse than slaughter. then it says, ‘Retaliation is prescribed in matters of the slain.’ Retaliation is a prescription from God, to calm the breast of those whose children have been slain.

“So if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling.” (emphasis mine)

Disgusting, but do you want to know the really sad part of this story? America has had a black man as president since 2008. Obama could have been a bridge of healing, taking America from the pain of the past to a future of hope and promise. Instead, he has engaged in the same racist rhetoric we see from idiots like Farrakhan.

In response to Louie’s call to kill the white man, Evangelist Alveda King, the niece of the great Martin Luther King, had this bit of advice for the racist mad man:

“I would pray to remind Minister Farrakhan that my Uncle Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that ‘we must all learn to live together as brothers [and sisters], or perish as fools.’ Violence begets more violence.”

She also took issue with Farrakhan’s contention that the “federal government” needs to intervene in the affairs of blacks:

“The government cannot deliver a people, only God can to that. We just pray to live and not die to declare the works and Word of the Lord.”

Amen Evangelist King! Amen!

By the way, what Louie the Loon is advocating is domestic terrorism. He should be charged and tried accordingly.


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