The Administration is not doing all it can to stop the invasion. Here’s why

Are we really done as a sovereign nation? Is there really nothing the president can do under existing law to stop this insane invasion, which is harmful for Americans and migrants alike? Today, I am joined by Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies to discuss the commonsense tools in the president’s arsenal to deter this invasion and demagnetize our border.

Vaughan explains how DHS already has an emergency plan to detain everyone in tent cities and create a “rocket docket” to adjudicate their claims within a few days. This would solve the problems of catch-and-release, the court backlog, and the exposure of Americans to infinite problems from illegal immigration. It would also disincentivize future flows. In addition, Vaughan informs us that ICE could deport all those who abscond from their court appearances, but clearly is not doing so for political reasons.

Finally, we discuss the latest with sanctuary cities and how they are worse than ever before now that they are being empowered by the legal profession.



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