Sharia Law is at war with the Constitution

No Sharia Law in America

Pamela Geller, a recognized leader in the movement to prevent the spread of Sharia Law in the United States and the organizer of the “Draw Muhammad” event in Garland, TX. that ended with a terror attack, said on national television she’d do it again because free speech is way too important to surrender to Sharia Law extremists.

“Clearly what happened is indicative of how very vital this conference was needed. The idea that there is a violent war; there is a violent assault on freedom of speech, clearly was brought home last night,” said Geller.

She concluded by saying, “We will not abridge our freedom of speech in order to not offend savages. This is our First Amendment. This is crucial.”

Of course, the media — from the New York Times to CNN — jumped to defend her constitutional right to free speech, didn’t they? Of course they didn’t.

To paraphrase the classic comedian, Henny Youngman, take Marc LaMont Hill — PLEASE!

Hill is a professor at Moorehouse College and a contributor for the Huffington Post and CNN. Following the terror attack in Garland, TX., Hill took to his twitter account with the classic “hate speech” defense liberals take whenever they are exposed to politically-incorrect language they find personally offensive.

Yeah, illegal events are more Hill’s cup of tea, such as his justification of the Baltimore rioters. He appealed to CNN viewers to consider that “resistance looks different ways to different people,” and he called on the rioters be “strategic” as they rampaged through the streets of Baltimore.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the whacko extremists on the left condemning Geller’s right to free speech. GOP Narcissist for President, Donald Trump, appeared on “Fox and Friends” following Geller and slammed her for holding the event:

“She’s taunting them,” Trump said. “What is she doing? She’s taunting them. I don’t know, maybe she just likes risk … [but] what the hell is she doing and what is the purpose of it?”

I guess the concept of free speech is over the Donald’s poorly coiffed head.

The 1st Amendment doesn’t just protect politically-correct, non-offensive speech; it protects all speech, including so-called “hate speech” that might contain things you don’t want to hear or agree with.

And that puts Sharia Law at war with the Constitution.