Republicans Want To Kill You

Yep, according to President Change, Republicans want you to die in order to balance the budget and he said as much at a recent town hall meeting.

In true Saul Alinsky fashion, he took two unrelated events to demonize Republicans as nothing more than murderers.

Do you remember the terrible disaster in Minneapolis a few years ago when the I-35 highway bridge collapsed, causing the untimely death of 13 people and costing millions of dollars?

Well, Obama declared that disaster happened because of inadequate funding, such as the kind we will see – according to him – under a Republican budget plan.

I guess he missed the memo where a GOVERNMENT agency (National Transportation Safety Board) determined that the bridge collapsed due to poor engineering.

The I-35W bridge was 40 years old and it was considered “structurally deficient” because of a relatively low rating of its superstructure.

The deck truss bridge design is now considered obsolete and newer bridges no longer use this design because of the inherent lack of redundancy in the structure.

By the way, the report also mentioned that the bridge was getting some routine maintenance when the bridge failed. I guess the crew working on the bridge didn’t get the memo about the lack of money for bridge maintenance.

Here’s another little tidbit in the lies being spewed by the Candidate-in-Chief regarding this situation.

The report he referenced from the American Society of Engineers (he couldn’t even get their name right – where’s the teleprompter-in-chief when you need him?) is from 2009 and the bridge collapsed in 2007. Not exactly DIRECTLY related events, are they?

And that “D” grade he referenced? Turns out that was the overall grade which included several subjective items, such as public transit and having adequate parks. In fact, their grade for America’s bridges got the second highest score in their report, receiving a “C” grade.

But this isn’t the first time Barry and his progressive buddies on Capitol Hill have used tragedy and unrelated events to demonize those they hate.

  • Progressives connected the shooting of Rep. Giffords and the T.E.A. Party movement to call for gun control and paint conservatives as extremist who can’t be trusted with a gun.
  • Harry Reid equated a move to eliminate funding of abortion factories (aka Planned Parenthood) as a move by Republicans to deny essential health services that would ultimately result in more women dying.  He even personalized it by claiming his wife and daughters would lose out on cancer screenings. Yeah, I’m sure the Reid women go to PP. I guess that health plan that Democrats kept for themselves when they passed Obamacare isn’t as good as we thought.
  • Speaking of Obamacare, let’s not forget that America’s Physician-in-Chief accused doctors of choosing amputation over preventative treatment for diabetes because they make more money.
  • During congressional hearings on the topic, Congressman Alan Grayson also used Obamacare to make the claim that Republicans want people to die quickly to save money on healthcare.
  • Obama defends his pathetic energy policy – which is causing record energy prices – by demonizing “big oil” and using his Justice Department to investigate “crooks” and speculators for price gouging. Gee, it’s too bad the New Black Panthers aren’t oil speculators. Maybe Eric “let my people go” Holder would actually investigate them then.

Of course, we could also list Obama’s use of the race card whenever you oppose his policies or have concerns about immigration reform or terrorism. Oops, I forgot. There’s no such thing as terrorists – unless you’re a conservative American Christian or a military veteran who favors the Second Amendment.

And on it goes.

So, beware America. Conservative Republicans have only one objective. . .


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