Republicans paved the way for Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget

Republicans Democrats $3.5 trillion budget

Not only did Republicans break a campaign promise to reduce government spending when they decided to help Democrats pass a $1 trillion infrastructure spending package, they also paved the way for Chuck Schumer and the Democrats to pass a $3.5 trillion budget resolution.

Showing themselves to be the frauds and liars we’ve always known them to be, Mitch McConnell and a host of “conservative” Republicans supported the $1 trillion infrastructure boondoggle as a “compromise” to Joe Biden’s desire to spend up to $6 trillion on an infrastructure plan that has little to do with infrastructure and everything to do with paying off political allies and advancing the far-left agenda in areas like the Green New Deal.

Mitch McConnell — who promised to stop the Biden agenda before deciding to support it — said he would put up a “hell of a fight” against Schumer if he attempts to pass Biden’s multitrillion-dollar plan along party lines. Specifically, Mickey said there would be a “big argument” about Schumer’s plan to use reconciliation, which allows them to bypass Republicans in the Senate, to pass Biden’s jobs and families plan.

“The era of bipartisanship on this stuff is over. … This is not going to be done on a bipartisan basis. This is going to be a hell of a fight over what this country ought to look like in the future and it’s going to unfold here in the next few weeks. I don’t think we’ve had a bigger difference of opinion between the two parties.”

Great fundraising talking points, but irrelevant since Biden and the Democrats made it abundantly clear that they planned to use the Republican compromise bill to pave the way for them up to get the everything else they want (via National Review):

The myth that the group of Republican negotiators has been helping to perpetuate is that there are two completely separate pieces of legislation under consideration: One, a $550 billion bipartisan plan that focuses on traditional infrastructure; and two, a $3.5 trillion social-welfare bill that includes a host of liberal priorities — subsidized college and child care, expansion of Medicare and Medicaid, elements of the Green New Deal, and perhaps even immigration amnesty.

In reality, the two bills are clearly linked. Biden has said so. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has communicated this by moving both bills on parallel tracks. And Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she would not even bring the bipartisan bill to the House floor for a vote unless the Senate passes both bills. (emphasis mine)

Unlike Republicans, Democrats (unfortunately) keep their promises when they’re running the show, which is why they released a $3.5 trillion budget resolution yesterday that includes, among other things, citizenship for illegal aliens, free college, and the Green New Deal.

In a press release, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (VT) — the self-avowed Democratic Socialist — gave us the details of the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion dollar utopian nightmare:

WASHINGTON, August 9 — Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Monday issued the following statement after he joined with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to introduce the FY 2022 budget resolution, which includes reconciliation instructions for Congress to craft sweeping legislation to invest in the long-neglected needs of the working class:

“The $3.5 trillion Budget Resolution that I am introducing today will allow the Senate to move forward on a reconciliation bill that will be the most consequential piece of legislation for working people, the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor since FDR and the New Deal of the 1930s.

“It will also put the U.S. in a global leadership position to combat climate change and make our planet healthy and habitable for future generations.

“Further, and importantly, this legislation will create millions of good paying jobs as we address the long-neglected needs of working families and saving the planet.

“At a time of massive income and wealth inequality this is a budget that will end the days of billionaires and large, profitable corporations not paying a nickel in federal income taxes. Yes. We will finally ask the very wealthy and largest corporations to pay their fair share of taxes.

“Under this budget, however, no family making under $400,000 a year will pay a penny more in taxes and will, in fact, receive one of the largest tax cuts in American history.

“We will substantially reduce our childhood poverty rate by expanding the Child Tax Credit so that families continue to receive monthly direct payments of up to $300 per child.

“We will address the crisis in childcare by making sure that no working family pays more than 7 percent of their income on this basic need. Making child care more accessible and affordable will also strengthen our economy by allowing more Americans to join the work force.

“We will provide universal pre-kindergarten to every 3-and-4-year-old.

“We will end the international disgrace of the United States being the only major country on earth not to guarantee paid family and medical leave as a right.

“We will begin to address the crisis in higher education by making community colleges in America tuition-free.

“We will save taxpayers hundreds of billions by requiring that Medicare negotiate prescription drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry and we will use those savings to expand Medicare by covering the dental care, hearing aids and eyeglasses that seniors desperately need.

“We will combat homelessness in America and address the reality that nearly 18 million households are paying over 50 percent of their income for housing by an unprecedented investment in affordable housing.

“We will ensure that people in an aging society can receive the health care they need in their own homes instead of expensive and inadequate nursing homes and that the workers who provide that care aren’t forced to live on starvation wages.

“We will take on the existential threat of climate change by transforming our energy systems toward renewable energy and energy efficiency. Through a Civilian Climate Corps we will give hundreds of thousands of young people good paying jobs and educational benefits as they help us combat climate change.

“We will bring undocumented people out of the shadows and provide them with a pathway to citizenship, including those who courageously kept our economy running in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

“We will fight to make it easier, not harder, for workers to join unions in America.

“And, yes, we will pass this budget with 51 votes, not 60, by passing it under the rules of reconciliation. (emphasis mine)

Democrats plan to pay for the largest budget in U.S. history by increasing corporate and individual tax rates. And for good measure, they will also give the IRS more money and power — including new spying powers — to “enforce” compliance and ensure Washington receives steals every penny.

For the Trumpists who believe things would have been different had Trump beat Biden, let me remind you that Trump was working with Nancy Pelosi on a plan last year that, according to the Narcissist-in-Chief, would have made him the “greatest infrastructure president” in history. Trump’s plan would have cost trillions of dollars and would have included spending on the same far-left priorities we see in the current legislation.

Let me also remind you that record-breaking spending was standard operating procedure during Trump’s four years in office.

No matter how you slice it, Republicans paved the way for the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget resolution . . . and something tells me there’s even more to come.


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