Rep. Thomas Massie on the cowardice of the GOP

Congressional Republicans are similar to some of the deputies at the Parkland shooting when it comes to confronting a political firefight, according to Rep. Thomas Massie, chairman of the House Second Amendment Caucus.

On today’s show, we are joined by Rep. Massie to discuss his prescient warning last December on our show, when he predicted that Republicans would pass gun control without the agreed-upon right-to-carry reciprocity legislation. Indeed, that premonition is playing out today before our very eyes.

In a wide-ranging and engaging interview, Massie tells it like it is on the gun debate and what really needs to be done to protect our soft targets. He explains how the expanded background check bills will never prevent an attack and will only serve to strip rights away from Americans. He reveals that several employees of the VA have come forward to expose the problems with the NICS system and how it wrongly targets seniors and veterans.


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