Rep. Jim Jordan on the GOP’s political adultery

Is there anyone left in Washington who will stand for the forgotten men and women of this country who don’t have a special interest representing them? One man, Rep. Jim Jordan, has been very vocal over the weekend, telling it like it is about the act of political adultery committed by GOP leaders.

Jordan joins us to discuss how leadership reneged on their promises and why this particular betrayal came at a time when Republicans could have secured a major victory with Democrats on the run. He reminds us that despite excuses about not having 60 votes in the Senate, Democrats are the ones who don’t have 60 votes … or the House and White House. So why do they get everything they want, every time?

We close by revealing why this budget betrayal is the nail in the coffin to fiscal solvency and will condemn us to a Greece-style meltdown within a decade.

Watch for the big amnesty debate in the coming days. Let’s not get distracted by the nonsense in the news that other conservative media use to distract from where they can really make an impact.


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