Reclaiming our Constitution during a time of tyranny

Conservative Review

Last week was the 233rd anniversary of the signing of the Constitution, the document provided us by the Founding Fathers to guard against tyranny.

In this edition of the Conservative Review podcast, we relive the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and relearn the document it produced.

When you understand the principles laid out in the Constitution, it’s clear that what we have today, thanks to the coronavirus, is our Founders’ worst nightmare. The Founders wanted a federal government strong enough to secure the blessings of liberty, but not strong enough to threaten civil society and our freedoms.

Coronavirus has become the perfect opportunity to destroy liberty, spread socialism, and create a full-blown police state and tyrannical government.

Can this be reversed? Not if you’re looking to the GOP. The party Ronald Reagan called home abandoned the principles of liberty spelled out in the Constitution a long, long time ago. Besides, conservatives no longer have a place in the Republican Party and likely never will again.

Coronafascism and constitutionalism cannot survive together. And if we choose not to fight for the Constitution today, coronafascism and tyranny will become “the new normal.”

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Daniel Horowitz is a Senior Editor at Conservative Review where he writes in-depth daily columns about the hypocrisy in Washington of both the GOP and Democrat Establishment from a conservative perspective.

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