Post-Constitutional America and the Second Amendment

In a series of articles I wrote last week about post-Constitutional America, I mentioned how everyday Americans have grown complacent with their God-given rights and how this has led to a growing acceptance of the idea that Constitutional rights are negotiable if the government gives them something in return.

The consequences of this mindset has been devastating. Freedom of speech is silenced on college campuses in the name of political correctness. Freedom of the press is threatened by the White House and Congress. Freedom of religion is under attack by politicians and pro-LGBT radicals. Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure is compromised at the hands of a growing police state.

Now, with incidents of mass shootings dominating the headlines, a new threat has risen—the willingness to surrender the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms in exchange for a little bit of safety. In a survey conducted by Zogby Analytics of 1,514 likely voters between October 19-25—which is before the recent tragedy at a Texas church—a majority of respondents (53%) indicated that the following statement comes closest to their views on gun control:

“There should be new federal regulation of certain guns and accessories; for example, the ‘bump stock,’ which can alter semi-automatic rifles to fire at a rapid pace. Stricter gun laws will prevent felons, the mentally ill, or other dangerous people from getting their hands on an assault weapon with such ease and committing mass murder.”

Sounds like the same tired stuff we’ve been hearing from the likes of Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg for years, right? Well, that’s not the worst part. The rest of the statement respondents agreed with reads:

“Protecting many people from tragedy is the price the American people should pay by relinquishing some of their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.” (emphasis mine)

The assault against our Constitutional rights by the government is real enough on its own, but once the masses reach the point of accepting the lie that government knows best, we will officially be living in the Age of Post-Constitutional America.


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