Pastor says ‘true believers’ will vote Trump to end abortion or something

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Grace Community Church Pastor John MacArthur solidified his membership in the Fellowship of the Pharisees when, in a recent interview with the Falkirk Center at Liberty University — where Jerry Falwell, Jr. used to work — he declared that “true believers” will vote for Trump in November because Democrats are worse on abortion and LGBT issues.

Specifically, according to a report by Michael Gryboski at The Christian Post, MacArthur discussed a phone conversation he had with Trump where they “talked a little bit about why, certainly from a biblical standpoint, Christians could not vote Democratic.”

“There’s no way that a Christian can affirm the slaughter of babies, homosexual activity, homosexual marriage, or any kind of gross immorality,” MacArthur asserted.

“No way we could stand behind a candidate who was affirming transgender behavior, which of course is really the ‘reprobate mind’ of Romans 1.”

MacArthur said he told Trump that abortion and LGBT matters “aren’t even political of us,” but rather “these things are biblical; these things are laid down by the Word of God.”

“I said [to Trump] ‘any real, true believer is going to be on your side in this election,’ because it’s not just an individual, it’s an entire set of policies that Christians cannot in any way affirm,” he added.

MacArthur is either ignorant of the facts or he chooses to ignore them to suit his politics.

I pointed out in a piece last week how the LGBT culture war against America has been pretty successful in 2020 and how polyamory and pedophilia have become more mainstream and how Donald Trump has helped their cause.

I documented how, after he was picked by the Republican National Committee (RNC) to serve as Trump’s senior adviser focused on outreach to LGBT voters, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell — the highest-profile openly gay person in the Trump administration — claimed in a new video ad that his boss was “the most pro-gay president in American history.”

Trump responded by retweeting Grenell’s declaration, calling it a “great honor”:

In today’s article, however, I want to focus on the abortion issue and the claim by MacArthur and others in the Fellowship that a vote for Trump is a pro-life vote.

Despite a few window dressing “victories” like Trump’s Protect Life Rule defunding Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers of Title X money — which did nothing to reduce the number of abortions — abortion industry giants like Planned Parenthood received record amounts of taxpayer funds under his presidency, making it possible for them to perform a record number of abortions.

So it wasn’t without a sense of irony that Trump recently sent a letter to pro-life leaders and activists bragging about being “the most pro-life president in our nation’s history,” and promising to “fully defund the big abortion industry such as Planned Parenthood of our tax dollars.”

Think of it as a 2016 redux where the lies and broken promises used four years ago are recycled, and specifically targeted at the evangelicals and pro-life groups who continue to believe the lies.

MacArthur’s “true believers” rhetoric is nothing new; the Fellowship of the Pharisees has been preaching fealty to Trump and equating it to faith in God ever since they exchanged G-O-D for G-O-P during the 2016 campaign.

Here are some of the Fellowship’s 2019 “hits” in that department:

When it comes to the abortion issue, Trump is doing what the Republican Party does every election season: tell whatever lies you need to tell about overturning Roe v. Wade and defunding Planned Parenthood in order to convince cheap grace-evangelicals and pro-life groups to vote for the GOP.

MacArthur probably knows this is true, but just like every other member of the Fellowship of the Pharisees, he’ll sacrifice the truth about abortion and LGBT issues — even biblical truth — for a seat at Trump’s table.

I have often noted how if it was Jesus evangelicals were focused on instead of Trump, America would be in the midst of revival right about now. Instead, the Fellowship of the Pharisees has rejected God’s Son to worship God’s Man.


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