Only in Obama’s America

Income Inequality

NEWSFLASH!! The White House Council of Economic Advisers released the Economic Report of the President yesterday, and it noted that median family incomes are down since Obama took office. Not only that, but many Americans are still worse off today than they were when he became president.

I know… I know… That’s not really a newsflash. Unless you’re dead or comatose, you knew this already. So, why would the president release a report that appears to show that his economic policies have failed? Because it helps him with his agenda of spreading the wealth. While Obama, along with his buddies in the liberal media, will attempt to put the focus on the perception of wage stagnation, the real message is the typical class warfare politics we have come to know from our socialist leader.

Here’s how I predict he will spin it. The report contains two essential parts:

Part One: Income inequality, which has gotten worse under what the report calls the “Obama recovery.” According to the report, the top 10% of income earners have regained much of their wealth through 2013, more on average, than the bottom 90%.

Part Two: The report claims that Obamacare and Obama’s 2012 tax hikes “mitigated” the rise in income inequality.

If you put these two things together, you have the complete picture. Can’t you just see him now at his next press conference?

Reporter: Mr. President. Doesn’t this report prove your policies have failed?

Obama: Income inequality is bad, but it would have been a lot worse had I not raised taxes over recent years.

Reporter: But doesn’t then prove that you’re responsible for current conditions?

Obama: Not really.

Reporter: Then whose fault is it?

Obama: George Bush. And if that doesn’t work, some other rich guy.

Reporter: What course of action will you take now?

Obama: Since past tax increases only slowed down the inequality problem, the only path to provide economic equality for all is to raise taxes even more.

Think it can’t happen? Then you don’t know life in Obama’s America.


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