One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America’s Future – A review

One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America’s Future
Dr. Ben Carson, MD with Candy Carson – New York: Sentinel Penguin, 2014, 256 pp

Our growing debt and deteriorating morals have driven us from the [Founding Fathers’] intent. We’ve made very little progress in basic education. Obamacare threatens our health, liberty, and financial future. Media elitism and political correctness are out of control.

Worst of all, we seem to have lost our ability to discuss important issues calmly and respectfully regardless of party affiliation or other differences. As a doctor rather than a politician, I care about what works, not whether someone has an (R) or a (D) after his or her name. We have to come together to solve our problems.

These words, taken from Dr. Ben Carson’s new book: One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America’s Future, prepare the reader for a heartfelt appeal to see America return to the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness the founders intended.

With his life story and faith in God as a foundation, Dr. Carson identifies many of the most common reasons for the division we see in America, and how that has served to not only paralyze discourse in our society, but also how it has contributed to the gradual drifting away from her exceptionalism.

As a man who appears to truly be unconcerned with labels, Dr. Carson’s ideas for saving America’s future contains ideas that readers from both sides of the political spectrum will find things they agree with, in addition to things they won’t. Still, his approach to the issues many find so complicated contain relatively easy solutions.

Though the message is simple, One Nation is a serious call to action in order to change America’s course before it’s too late. Some of the ills Dr. Carson feels must be dealt with include America’s:

  • Growing debt and the resulting burdens of fiscal uncertainty
  • Deteriorating morals that have driven America far from the founder’s intent
  • Failing to make significant progress in basic education
  • Resolving the Obamacare mess—a threat to health, liberty, and financial stability
  • Tempering media elitism and political correctness and its chilling effects on a meaningful national dialogue

Expressing a strong and sincere optimism, Dr. Carson believes that America’s best days are still ahead; but he’s also enough of a realist to know that there are many serious issues to be resolved from both sides of the political aisle to make that happen. As he states in the final words of his book:

Who knows what tomorrow holds for each of us and for our nation? We have no time to waste. Today is the day to act. Resolve to take one step toward helping our nation return to greatness. If we all do so, we cannot fail to remain “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

I highly recommend this book to every American who wants to see that happen.

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