Obamacare is failing, seniors are dying, and it’s LOL funny?

Obamacare - Great DepressionObamacare. The Democrat plan so incredible that we had to pass it just to find out how much awesomeness was hiding inside. But alas, it turned out to be nothing to write home about. For instance:

Do you remember when insurance companies were going to be lining up out the door to be a part of this amazing deal? Today, they are dropping like flies due to the billions of dollars being lost annually.

Do you remember how Obamacare wouldn’t lead America down the road to a nationalized, single-payer, government-run, socialized healthcare system? Last week, thousands of doctors and other medical professionals demanded that very thing due to the failure of the Affordable Care Act.

Do you remember how we were going to be able to keep our plan if we liked our plan? Obama’s speechwriters recently appeared on CBS for an interview, and they thought it was laugh-out-loud funny that America believed that lie.

Do you remember how the Democrats denied claims that Obamacare would lead to the creation of death panels? Technically, this is true as far as creating an actual panel. But under a program that pays hospitals a bonus for spending as few Medicare dollars as possible, seniors are dying by the thousands as hospitals deny them necessary services and medications in order to get the biggest payday.

These are only a few of the failures, but you get the idea.

The Republican establishment, led by Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and now Paul Ryan, promised America that the GOP would rip our Obamacare “root and branch” if we gave them the keys to the Capitol Hill kingdom. But as we know all too well by now, not only did they leave it alone, they continued to fully fund it — choosing to surrender the power of the purse and opting to put the fate of the Affordable Care Act in the hands of the courts.

As we now know, their plan failed in their first and second attempts to have the Supreme Court do their job for them, but it looks like they might get a third chance to begin dismantling the healthcare behemoth. Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that Obama was essentially misappropriating funds to pay for an Obamacare subsidy program that Congress had defunded.

So NOW they figure out the whole power of the purse thing?

Anyway, the judge stayed the ruling in order to give Obama the opportunity to file his appeal which means that we could see the third time be a charm.

In the end, Obamacare is performing exactly as experts predicted — IT’S FAILING!


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