Obama schools John Hickenlooper on pool and politics

Barack Obama, John Hickenlooper

When he was hiding out from the media after his failure to deal with the border crisis several weeks ago, Barack Obama came to Denver for a photo-op and a Democrat fundraiser.

Even though Senator Mark Udall was unwilling to appear in public with the Golfer-in-Chief, Colorado’s Governor had no such reservations, finding time to share a beer a play some pool. During their game, John Hickenlooper learned that Barack “The Shark” Obama isn’t only good on the green grass of a golf course, but he’s Willie Mosconi on the green felt of a pool table.

While there is no official record as to the nature of their conversation during the game, we have reason to believe that perhaps Hickenlooper was seeking advice from Obama on how to advance a politically unpopular idea when faced with growing unpopularity and increasing opposition from the electorate—something Obama knows a lot about:

Hick: “Nice shot, Mr. President.”

Barry: “Please, John. Call me ‘Chosen One.’ I don’t hear that as often as I used to.”

Hick: “OK, Chosen One. May I ask you a question about an issue I’m dealing with?”

Barry: “What is it, John?”

Hick: “Even though I supported Colorado’s death penalty when I ran for governor in 2010, my position on the issue has changed. How do I deal with this change without looking like a flip-flopping politician?”

Barry: “First of all, you didn’t ‘change’ your position. Your position has evolved. Just like my flip-flop on homosexual marriage.”

Hick: ” That’s awesome, Chosen One.”

Barry: “Of course it is. Next, any time the electorate is opposed to your agenda, use your executive authority to make it happen. Just like I have with: Obamacare, immigration, EPA regulations, gun laws, recess appointments, welfare reform, the minimum wage, homosexual marriage, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan . . .

Hick: “Chosen One! Chosen One! Snap out of it!”

Barry: “Sorry ’bout that, John. I often get carried away with the awesomeness of all I have done.”

Hick: “So, I should just use my executive authority to do whatever I want? Even if it’s unpopular?”

Barry: “You got it! Now, rack ’em up! Let’s go again.”

The conversation above is satire and probably never happened. However, it would explain a recent news story reported over the weekend on The Craig Silverman Radio Show (710 KNUS) after Complete Colorado obtained an audio tape of a CNN interview via a Colorado Open Records Act request.

In the interview, Hickenlooper suggested that if he does not win reelection, he would likely use his clemency powers to overhaul Colorado’s death row. No vote of the electorate. No attempt to get the legislature to to pass a law he can sign. Nope! If he loses in November, he will enforce his agenda with the stroke of his pen.

Hmmm. . . something about that sounds familiar . . .

“I’ve got a pen, and … I’ve got a phone. And I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward.” – Barack Obama

While it is totally within the Governor’s power to grant clemency to those he feels deserves it, using it to empty death row because of a sudden and arbitrary opposition to it, or to get back at your political opponents because they hold an opposing view on the issue, would be the ultimate in unethical behavior.

Unfortunately, ethics usually doesn’t come up in a game of 8-ball.