Obama Keeps Moving His Pivot Foot On The Economy

When the golfer-in-chief isn’t out on the links adding to his record number of golf games played, he can often be found on the basketball court. Considering the amount of time this takes up, it’s amazing how he finds the time to campaign (no wonder he was too busy to support Wisconsin Democrats in the recall battle against Scott Walker).

As a basketball player, the President is undoubtably familiar with the rules, particularly the rules regarding “traveling” and the use of his “pivot foot.”

The pivot is a key concept in basketball. A player pivots when he keeps one foot still and turns in any direction with his other foot.

Once a pivot foot is established, a player cannot change to pivot on his other foot. If he does so, it is a traveling violation and the other team gets the ball.

I’m sure the President follows this rule when it comes to the game of basketball. Sadly for America, he doesn’t seem to understand that the rule also applies to his performance as President regarding the economy.

In a just-released video, the RNC goes after Barack Obama ahead of his “reframing” speech in Ohio tomorrow by reminding people just how often Obama has had to “reframe” his approach to the economy.  In “Lost Focus,” the spot highlights just a few of the promises of “pivots” to jobs by the Obama administration:

Reuters provides some of the details on the “reframing” speech:

In an economic speech on Thursday that could set the tone for months of campaigning, Obama is not likely to unveil new ideas to boost the economy and create new jobs, according to Democrats familiar with the preparations for the address.

Instead, he will make the case that he needs four more years to undo the damage left by George W. Bush, his Republican predecessor in the White House, and argue that a President Romney would bring back the weak financial regulation and budget-busting tax cuts of the Bush years.

Sorry Mr. President, but that pivot was in 2008. Since then, you’ve pivoted to a $787 billion economic stimulus, then pivoted to Obamacare, and pivoted again to Dodd-Frank – all the while ignoring the jobs and the economy. Trying to pivot back to blaming Bush once again is a violation of the rules.

We the American people find you guilty of moving your pivot foot and traveling. Under the rules, the other team now gets the ball, which should happen in November.

But hey, look at the bright side. Once that happens, you’ll have more free time to do the things you didn’t have time for while President. . .

. . . like playing some golf or something.


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