Obama Flagged For Excessive Celebration

In the game of NFL football, it’s often customary to “spike” the ball when you score a touchdown as a form of celebration.

However, a player can be “flagged” for unsportsmanlike conduct for an excessive celebration if the player spikes the ball in the direction of a player from the other team. It’s also considered excessive if the player uses some sort of prop to bring attention to himself or if you spike the ball after someone else on your team scored.

After the killing of Osama Bin Laden, in an interview with CBS, Barry went on the record that “we shouldn’t spike the ball” by releasing photos of the dead terrorist.

(America doesn’t) trot out this stuff like trophies….   We don’t need to spike the football.

While he didn’t spike the football then, it would appear that the one year anniversary of the event, along with the upcoming November elections, has become plenty reason to not only spike the football, but to engage in a little excessive celebration, as we learn in this newly released video by Veterans for a Strong America.

Joel Arends, chairman of Veterans for a Strong America, explained to The Daily Caller that their new Obama-hammering ad is a direct response to the President’s politicization of the Navy SEAL’s killing of Osama Bin  Laden.

“The reason Vets for America needed to run the ad is because we are throwing the penalty flag up on President Obama for excessive celebration. This is a guy who said he wouldn’t spike the football but you know what, he did. He spiked it, he  signed it, he threw it into the stands,” Arends said.

In the NFL, it’s been said that when you score a touchdown, act like you’ve been there before, because everyone knows that it takes a team to reach the goal line, and if you’re really good, you should expect to be there again. The Navy SEALS know this well.

Of course, the Community Organizer-in-Chief has never been there before – he didn’t score the touchdown – he spiked the ball after the players who really scored refused to – he spiked it in the direction of his opponents – and he used props like the troops and their equipment.

In the NFL, a player can be fined or suspended for excessive celebrations. Barry deserved to be flagged, but why don’t we make sure he gets a permanent suspension come this November.


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