Obama confirms his hatred of Israel

AmericaIsraelBarack Hussein Obama’s despicable behavior has now officially reached a new low as we learned today that his administration declassified a top-secret document that reveals Israel’s nuclear weapons program.

According to Israel National News, the document—written in 1987—was released in early February. This is a particularly interesting bit of timing, as that was just before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3rd speech in front of Congress, in which he warned the world of Iran’s nuclear ambitions. And as you may recall, Obama was so opposed to Bibi’s speech that it was boycotted by the administration.

Another interesting tidbit was the redaction of Italy, France, West Germany, Germany, and other NATO countries. Further proof that the release of this information was nothing less than a plan to embarrass the Prime Minister before the world.

But could the chosen one have other motivations?

Could it be his clearly anti-Semitic policies? Could it be an attempt to punish Netanyahu for his landslide despite Obama’s personal involvement in supporting Bibi’s opponent? Could it be a desire to see Iran and other radical Muslim nations who hate Israel and America obtain nuclear capabilities in order to level the playing field?

How about all of the above?

There’s a reason that every President since Reagan never released this information. America would never do such a thing to an ally, at least not until now. But we’ve never had a President with such hatred of the Jewish nation before.

You’re beginning to hear the phrase “World War III” a lot these days, and for good reason. Because Barack Obama and his pro-Islam, anti-Israel, egotistical, narcissistic, one-world government approach to the Middle East is about to make it happen by facilitating a new nuclear arms race among some of the most unstable nations in the world.

God help us!