Obama Claus is about to kill the Keystone XL pipeline

Obama ClausJust in time for Christmas, Obama Claus delivered lumps of coal to the millions of unemployed and under-employed Americans, while putting a giant gift-wrapped present under the tree of his radical environmental buddies.

Calling the Keystone XL pipeline nothing more than a bunch of “hype,” Obama stated that construction of the pipeline would only create a “couple thousand” jobs. He went on to say that a better way to create long-term, paying jobs for American workers would be to invest in America’s infrastructure:

“When you consider what we could be doing rebuilding our roads and bridges around the country, something the Congress could authorize, we could probably create hundreds of thousands of jobs—or even a million jobs.” 

Besides the fact that he once again blames Congress for him not doing his job, he makes an exaggerated claim using a number he made up from thin air. A million jobs? Really? If true, why wait on Congress? Did his pen run out of ink? Did he tap out the minutes on his cell phone plan? Since when has the messiah let Congress get in the way of doing whatever he wants? Perhaps the answer to these questions lies in the fact that he’s taken us down this road before.

I seem to recall this public works song and dance from Obama Claus before. Remember the $800 billion stimulus he gave us for Christmas a few years ago? Do you remember that it came with a promise of hundreds of thousands of “shovel-ready” jobs that Obama later admitted never existed?

Construction workers, unions, and energy companies have vocally supported the pipeline, but environmentalists say developing Canada’s oil sands would spike carbon emissions linked to climate change—that’s code for global warming folks—and that much of the oil or refined products wold be sold abroad.

Hey, you tree-hugging, earth-worshipping, left-wing wackos! Here’s a newsflash! There is no global warming, and Canada is going to move their product with or without the pipeline.

Merry Christmas, America!


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