November 20, 2014 – The day the Constitution died

Constitution Tombstone

November 20, 2014 – the day the Constitution died.

As a result of Obama’s Hitleresque Executive Order giving millions of Democrat voters—a.k.a. illegal immigrants—a free ride to citizenship via his promise not to prosecute them for breaking the law, the Constitution was essentially shot and killed today. And nobody tried to save her.

Yeah, we were gullible enough to actually believe Republicans meant it when they said they would stop Obama’s unconstitutional agenda if we would just put them in charge. Yet, even before today’s assassination—but after they stole our vote on November 4th—the so-called leaders of the new Congress, along with GOP presidential hopefuls, went on record to say that they won’t use their Constitutional authority to stop him.

Oh, they’ll stomp their feet like a petulant child, just like they have with every other unconstitutional action Obama has taken. They’ll tell you how they are weighing every option as they complain about how the President doesn’t play by the rules. They’ll talk about how the policy is simply bad politics, and they’ll use unflattering terms like “poisoning the well” and “it’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull“—an interesting choice of words, but maybe appropriate. When you consider the bullsh*t being dished these days from these idiots, maybe they had to change the symbol of the party to a bull instead of an elephant.

As Obama’s announcement drew closer today, Senator David Vitter (R-INO LA) became the latest “bull” to weigh in on what action the GOP might take once our Supreme Leader made his amnesty plan official.

“It’s going to have to involve the funding process so we’re looking at every version of how we can be most effective,” said Vitter. In addition, there needs to be a push in the courts. It is way beyond the line, illegal and unconstitutional what the president is talking about.”

In addition to restricting spending on programs related to executive amnesty, officials are also discussing the inclusion of a Senate prohibition on confirming presidential nominees.

“Everything is on the table and this is serious enough that all of that deserves consideration,” Vitter said. “First of all, it’s horrible policy that’s going to make the flow of illegals significantly worse and make the problem worse. Secondly, even much more importantly, this is crossing the constitutional line and this is a serious constitutional matter.”

Gee, the next thing you know is they’ll take their ball and go home. By the way, shouldn’t the “constitutional line” part be first and policy second? And if there is a constitutional line that’s been crossed, isn’t that the only part that matters? Who the heck cares if it’s bad policy? Save the dang Constitution, you moron! But alas, that’s just more evidence of the real priorities of the GOP.

Besides, as mentioned many times since the election, holding the budget ransom in an effort to force Obama to do his job has already been taken off the table. This was confirmed once again by a senior House Republican today.

According to Congressman Harold Rogers of Kentucky—what is it about Kentucky and Republicans who won’t do their job?—Obama’s immigration move can’t be de-funded in a spending bill. He says the Citizenship and Immigration Services agency gets its money though application fees, so Congress can’t stop it by withholding funding in a spending bill.

In other words: if they have to put America’s money where their mouth is, they’ll find something or someone to blame so it looks like it’s not their fault.

The Constitution of the United States of America is the greatest document ever written, next to the Bible. Sadly, it is now dead.