Millennials okay if America becomes like Russia or China


As Vladimir Putin continues to flex his communist muscles in the Baltic states as he aggressively works to rebuild the former Soviet Union, and China moves ever closer to seizing complete control of the South China Sea with the construction of military bases built on artificial islands, the threat of communism to the West is reaching levels not seen since the Cold War.

Besides the obvious fact that this clearly puts us on the road leading to WW III if these trends go unopposed, new information just released in a survey by The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation shows that millennials are likely to view such aggression as not only acceptable, but almost desirable.

A generational breakdown of the survey indicated that 80% of baby boomers and 91% of elderly Americans believe that communism was and still is a problem in the world today, while just 55% of millennials say the same. In addition, just 37% of millennials had a “very unfavorable” view of communism compared to 57% of Americans overall.

But here’s the real shocker:

Close to half (45%) of Americans ages 16-20 said they would vote for a socialist, and 21% would vote for a communist.

Obviously, the survey shows a complete ignorance of history by those born between 1985-2000. What other conclusion can be made when nearly 1/3 of those surveyed also believe that more people died under George W. Bush than Joseph Stalin? Not to mention that respondents were also unfamiliar with such murdering communists as Mao Zedong (42%), Che Guevara (40%), and Vladimir Lenin (33%).

Of course, what should we expect when American education makes letting men and boys use the little girl’s room a higher priority than teaching history?

The shocking revelations in this survey are one more reason why the open-checkbook for education agenda of the liberal-left is destroying America. Not only are they dumbing down the next generation with politically-incorrect indoctrination and brainwashing, but they are doing it on the taxpayer’s dime—a dime it doesn’t have.

Still, this hasn’t stopped liberals from advancing their agenda. During the Democrat primary, Hillary “It Takes a Village” Clinton and Bernie “The Democratic Socialist” Sanders engaged in a bidding war as they promised free college for all. And unfortunately, the free-college-in-exchange-for-your-vote approach to the election is being embraced by Donald Trump. Over this past weekend, he announced the most liberal student loan program since the inception of federal financial aid.

In these serious times, America is unprepared to face the very real threat communism and socialism poses to the world, and we will remain so if we continue to feed the pig of state-run and state-financed education.

Ronald Regan once warned us that freedom was never more than a generation away from extinction. Could it be that we are about to learn how true his words are?


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