Mike Lee enshrined in the G.O.P. Hall of Shame

Mike Lee reacts to the news of his enshrinement

My work within the conservative movement has allowed me to get to know many of the names and faces we’ve come to know when it comes to those who claim to stand for the Constitution and conservative values. One such person is Sen. Mike Lee.

When his book, Our Lost Constitution: The Willful Subversion of America’s Founding Document was released in 2015, I published a review of his work. I also interviewed him for a talk radio station where we discussed the book and his thoughts on how the conservative movement was failing to protect the Constitution, and how that was leading America down the path of out-of-control government and a loss of liberty.

In 2015, Lee was the only member of Congress at the time with 4+ years in Washington carrying a perfect Conservative Review Liberty Score® of 100% — a score he still holds today after 7 years — but his recent behavior in the Age of Trump indicates that his conservative values are negotiable, depending upon the political climate at any given moment.

Over the past year, Lee has developed a political infatuation with the socialist feminist agenda of the woman Trump has said he’d be hitting on if she wasn’t his daughter, Ivanka Trump.

In November last year, Lee joined Ivanka to use the GOP’s so-called tax reform bill as a way to finance her plan to “help” working families by increasing their dependence on the federal government via the tax code.

Earlier this year, Lee, Ivanka, and a host of Trumplicans promoted an alleged “budget-neutral” plan to create another entitlement near and dear to Ivanka’s socialist feminist heart — Hillary’s Clinton’s Paid Family Leave. This socialist brainstorm would bankrupt Social Security by allowing individuals to “borrow” funds from their future benefits.

This week, Ivanka’s plan to “reform” the criminal justice system received an endorsement from daddy. Known as the First Step Act — Daniel Horowitz calls it “jailbreak” — the plan will retroactively release drug traffickers and gun felons from federal prison, emasculate police and prosecutors, and make America less safe.

In an opinion piece for FOX News, Lee defended Ivanka’s plan with a diatribe he called “A Conservative Case for Criminal Justice Reform.” In reality, he regurgitated pro-Trump, pro-Ivanka talking points on the issue; there was nothing “conservative” about it.

How radical is jail break? In addition to Lee, it also has the endorsement of Van Jones … yes, THAT Van Jones.

It could be argued that Mike Lee is still the most conservative member of Congress, but that bar continues to get lower in the Age of Trump and Trumpservatives, making him little more than just another lesser-of-two-evils politician.

For his decision to abandon his principles in the name of political convenience and exchanging them to advance Ivanka’s radical feminist agenda, we enshrine Senator Mike Lee in the Gutless On Principles (G.O.P.) Hall of Shame.


Disclaimer: The GOP establishment does not endorse the G.O.P. Hall of Shame award. My opinions are my own, and I’ve got lots of them. All opinions expressed are 100% “right” and any similarity to actual opinions, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



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