Meet the Candidates: Chris Herrod in Utah-3

Today, we continue our series of “meet the candidates” and are joined by Chris Herrod who is challenging Rep. John Curtis in the upcoming primary in UT-3. Chris was raised in Provo, Utah, since 1972. After college, he lived overseas and worked in Moscow and taught in university in Ukraine where he met his wife. He served in the Utah House of Representatives from 2007-2012 and was the state director for Cruz for president in 2016.

Chris spoke a lot about his time overseas in Russia and Ukraine during the collapse of the Soviet Union and how he learned socialism destroys a civilization. He believes the debt will trigger hyper-inflation like he saw in the former Soviet Union and the political class doesn’t understand its results. He also wants to focus a lot on returning power back to western states and expose how government is hurting rural Utah by not allowing them to develop their resources, which would also help our national security and bid for energy independence.

Chris is a passionate defender of national sovereignty and wrote a book on how open borders is the most uncompassionate policy to the very people Democrats purport to protect. In general, Chris feels that Republicans do a poor job of explaining how Democrats economic policies hurt the very people they are designed to help.

This is our eighth episode of “Meet the Candidates” at “The Conservative Conscience.” The first six episodes were with Chip Roy, Art Halvorson, Nick Freitas, Chris McDaniel, Jarrin Jackson, Richard Moss, and Shak Hill.


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