Mark Pryor dismisses Tom Cotton’s military service as “entitlement”


In a world where the United States military has become a politically correct social experiment; where military leaders are suspended for being insensitive; where openly homosexual troops perform in drag and officers are forced to embrace it or resign; and where a male soldier convicted of selling military secrets can force the military to recognize and accommodate his claim that he is a woman, it should come as no surprise when a liberal senator running for re-election dismisses the military service of his conservative opponent as some sort of entitlement.

In the Arkansas Senate race between incumbent Mark Pryor (D) and Rep. Tom Cotton (R)—Cotton currently represents Arkansas’s 4th district—Pryor is in serious danger of losing the cushy seat that has been in his family for nearly three decades . . . thanks, Daddy! And, in a manner that would make Harry Reid proud, Pryor has resorted to a pathetic, yet typical, personal attack on his opponent’s character. The area he chose to attack? Cotton’s military service.

“There’s a lot of people in the Senate that didn’t serve in the military,” Pryor told NBC News. “Obviously in the Senate we have all types of different people, all kinds of different folks that have come from all types of different backgrounds—and I think that’s part of that sense of entitlement that he gives off is that, almost like, I served my country, let me into the Senate. But that’s not how it works in Arkansas.” (emphasis mine)

While many who support him found Pryor’s comments beneath contempt, Cotton—who rose to the rank of captain during his four-year stint in the Army—responded with the class and decorum you would expect from an officer of the military; and just to make it fun, he threw in a little humor with the help of Army Reserve Master Sgt. George Norton, who was Cotton’s actual drill instructor during basic training, according to the Washington Examiner.

I can sort of understand Pryor’s point. After all, Obama didn’t have any military experience—not to mention no business experience and little to no political experience—and look at how well he’s doing without such “entitlements.”

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